Trevor Noah Suggests Just Leaving Kavanaugh in the Dust

2 thoughts on “Trevor Noah Suggests Just Leaving Kavanaugh in the Dust

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  1. I believe Kavanaugh will still be pushed thru so Trump will be able to pardon himself, and will be upheld even if it goes to the Supreme Court. And protect the GOP Senator’s investments in Russian dark money. Greed and power even if it destroys the U:S.


  2. The FBI must investigate and interview Rachel Mitchell. Oddly she was selected by the hand full of gop men on Judicial committee. She was there to ask questions for lousy gop male senators. She is friends with trump pardoned sheriff joe arpario. She decided to write a memo today. Oddly she was not hired to do so but she did anyway. This was not a trial. This was not a deposition. This was a hearing regarding sex assault from a candidate for the supreme court. This woman is possibly tainted, corrupt, bias or hired by gop to cast reasonable doubt. As with everyone else that associates with trump and GOP, they are liars.
    The FBI must investigate why she was selected. Why she did not question brett? Why she cast doubt after a lousy performance questioning? Why she would ruin her career doing so? The smell of corruption. Was she applying for a job in the fake white house? Does she owe a favor to trump, joe or? was she bribed? extorted? threatened? What is her motive and reason?


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