Track Palin is Arrested AGAIN for Domestic Violence

Track is being held without bail this morning as a result of yet another arrest for domestic violence.

Image result for track palin arrested

Maybe it is Track’s propensity for violence that is the motivation behind Sarah and Todd’s announced move from Alaska?


5 thoughts on “Track Palin is Arrested AGAIN for Domestic Violence

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  1. Given how no one else in the family has problems and this all came about in the last few years, it does appear he drew the mental illness card. Most if not all families have one afflicted.

    And being given fame when he HATES attention doesn’t help.

    Only way to explain how 1/5 developed issues when they all had the same good upbringing and happy early life. (This is fact.) He got through school with good grades and excelling in sports. He has a lot of friends and was well liked.

    Unwanted attention over a decade + being the one who developed an adult onset mental illness in his 20s is an explanation.


    1. Hill,
      You seem to forget about Todd being a pimp, all the drugs, diana being a burglar, and have you forgot that Sarah and Todd sent him to Michigan his last two years in High School. They were trying to get rid of him 12 years ago!


  2. All the excitement of assault and sex must have stirred track up or maybe his sisters wedding and a good old brawl. This 29yr old is an over achiever in the palin orbit.
    Did AZ ever check him out of the possibility of him being the AZ freeway shooter? The unsolved crime. According to some in AZ he fit the profile.


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