Kavanaugh Lacks Judicial Temperament


It’s been a long day.  Personal matters that have nothing to do with this blog prevented me from writing until this moment.  However I was able to follow the news all day and watch the coverage of the Senate hearings.  Clearly this week we will be following the FBI investigation in hopes that they will find independent confirmation of Dr. Ford’s testimony.


However, the actual investigation shouldn’t be important to the confirmation process.  The testimony of Judge Kavanaugh established beyond any reasonable argument that he lacks the appropriate judicial temperament for a Justice on the highest court in the land.  Additionally it is undisputed that every judge on the US Supreme Court should be non-partisan.  the reality is that every President, democratic and republican, selects judges that favor their own political view point.  However during the confirmation hearings the people being considered for appointment pretend to be non-partisan.  The exception to the rule is Judge Kavanaugh.  He stated in an emotional statement that the hearing involving Dr. Ford was partisan, part of a liberal conspiracy, and the result of revenge of the Clinton (which he mentioned by name).

Regardless of the outcome of the FBI investigation, it is clear that Judge Kavanaugh does not have judicial temperament or non-partisan temperament required of any federal court justice, and especially any Justice on the US Supreme Court.

4 thoughts on “Kavanaugh Lacks Judicial Temperament

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  1. Brett bart Barf is a real life example of a justice that was appointed and nominated that slipped through the background cracks. He feels entitled. His lack of honesty and character is alarming. What cases did he oversee in his career? Not only him but we have witnessed Our Judicial Committee. We listened to each member yesterday and it told us a lot. A few stand out. Lindsey graham hissed and sneared. Cruz twisted and spun. And others out right lied. It is clear why trump selected kavenaugh. The culture of corruption.


      1. Oh yes Malia, he was part of many unethical events in many past years. It is no wonder the toxic republicon party wants him in the supreme court pronto. Democrats must expose everything about this terrible awful citizen united funding of evil fools. Overturn Citizen United.
        Years ago your quest for information and lawsuit of the “Culture of Corruption” yielded much information. It is all tied into what we witness today. A few women in Congress listened. I hope they hear us now, because we will not shut up nor go away.


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