“This is their life.”-Bristol’s Children

Who would have predicted that the Republican party convention in 2008 would be a platform for an unwed 17 year old to launch her media career?

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It was the sex life of Bristol Palin that consumed the headlines, and interviews she gave, and for which she made a lot of money.

Bristol Palin documented in her book the moment she got pregnant with Tripp.

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She moved to Arizona and back to Alaska.  She moved to LA and back to Alaska.  She danced with the stars, twice.  She used Tripp to make a “reality” show.  She brawled in Alaska with her family, seeming more concerned about her sunglasses than being photographed in public losing control of her bladder.

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Her filthy mouth was caught on tape.

She moved to Kentucky and back again to Alaska.

She got engaged to Levi and then didn’t.

She got engaged to Levi and then didn’t again.

She got pregnant by Dakota, allegedly.  She got engaged to Dakota and then didn’t.  She got engaged to Dakota again, had his child, got married, had another child, and is now the divorced mother of three children.  Her divorce from Dakota came less than a year after the birth of their second child.

She moved to Texas, but now travels to New York for her new reality show in which the 27 year old mother of three is featured as an unwed teen mom.

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What do kids think about all this…”It’s their life” Bristol said in her recent interview for the Today Show.  ” They don’t think anything about it…playing to the cameras.”

Bristol seems to have figured out that the American  public can’t get enough about her sex life.  They love to hear her flap her foul mouth.  Knowing that she was being filmed she and Dakota staged a fight.

Poor Bristol cried because she misses driving  in Alaska.  But just crying “really sucks” too.

In her new position on Teen MOM OG, Bristol will haul in $250,000.00.  If her appearance on the show brings high ratings she could make upwards of $350,000.  Maybe that’s why Dakota’s reported PTSD has become a topic of discussion.

The unmistakable conclusion if that Bristol will use anyone and say anything if it brings in money.  Her observation that “this is their life” when speaking about her kids is sadly true.

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20 thoughts on ““This is their life.”-Bristol’s Children

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    1. Malia, what does that mean? People respect Bristol because she lives true, is a good role model and holds her head high in the face of bullying and slander, and is a positive person. She isn’t a floozy, she has never been unstable. These are facts people like you cannot grasp.

      But yes, Beagle, it does dishearten me a little to see Levi place guns over his toddler like a prop. Bristol has always approached guns in a mature way.


      1. How would you know, Hill? Are you related to Bristol? Are you a neighbor? Being a longtime fan of the Palin family does NOT equip you with knowledge of private information.


    1. Trump and Putin sittin in a tree,
      You are delusional ifyou think th e life of Bristol Palin is a “normal” life. How many MILLIONS of young women were never featured on Dancing with the stars, reality shows like Life’s a Tripp, has a father who was a pimp, a brother who committed domestic abuse, did commercials for a foundation that advocated a position that was polar opposite to how they livedtheir life, or discussed their sex life in a book oron Oprah?

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  1. When she said it’s their life, she meant they live normally, like any kid would. She is not all about money and she doesn’t use people. She is selfless and gave the honest reasoning of why she wished to take the TM opportunity. She has ONLY wanted to help people this entire 10 years. She is classy, annoyed by people’s obsession with sex and double standards, but she will and has always put kids futures first. She struggled financially in her early adulthood and wants to make sure her kids do not. It took a lot to walk away from marriage but she knows that SHE needs to be happy. Proud of her for cherishing Dakota though as a father and continuing to pray for him.

    Love her humble nature and how she never lost her roots or morals. She’s survived so much bullying and slander by mentally ill liberals like Malia.


  2. Malia, I am so glad you never pursued journalism because you are the best example of bad journalism and a “reporter” with bad ethics and dishonest at the core. You’re a very manipulative writer and gifted liar.


    1. Hill,
      It is interesting to me that of all the people who have commented here and accused me of telling lies, not one time has any listed a single lie I’ve told. Please point out one lie, and cite your authority and if I was in error I’ll gladly retract the statement.

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  3. Hill states “it took a lot to walk away from marriage but she knows that SHE needs to be happy.”

    The cry of the narcissist. SHE needs to be happy! Never mind robbing the children of a father. Never mind the loneliness and despair of children growing up without a loving, stable, two parent home. Bristol wants to be on the teevee! Bristol wants glamour and fun and ATTENTION!!

    You’re a sick and twisted person, Hill. You’re willing to sacrifice three little kids on the altar of SHE needs to be happy. That’s what people with a conscience call evil.


      1. Bristol sadly shares her mother’s narcissism. Her children are already suffering from the emotional neglect that Sarah inflicted on her children. All of Sarah’s kids absorbed the lessons of narcissism. As adults they still believe their worthiness is tied to the reputation of their family. None of them has achieved full adulthood. Bristol is a veritable black hole of neediness. No man, no child, no amount of fame will ever be enough. She’s incapable of giving or receiving love.

        None of the Palin children should ever have had kids of their own. The cycle of abuse will continue. The sins of the mother have sadly been visited upon her children.


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