Is the Timing of Sarah’s Move an Indication that McCain Threatened Her?


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John McCain opened Pandora’s box with the nomination of Sarah Palin for the Vice Presidency of the United States.  That fatal moment came on August 29,2008, almost 10 years to the date.  Less than a year later Palin resigned as Governor and has tried to capitalize on her fame.  She worked for Fox News but was terminated in June of 2015.    She attempted stardom in Amazing America and Sarah Palin’s Alaska.  She hoped for a spot on a reality television show as a Judge, but evidently the fact that she wasn’t a judge was a difficult sell.

During John McCain’s life he tried to apologize for his reckless act of inflicting Sarah Palin on America.  Before he died he admitted to the New York Times that he regretted the choice of Sarah Palin as his running mate.

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John McCain died on August 25, 2018.  The McCain family was so embarassed by Sarah Palin that she was not invited to John’s funeral. The McCain family didn’t even convey the non-invite  personally.  Today, less than one month after McCain’s death, Palin announced she and Todd would be moving from Alaska.  The timing of that announcement has to be significant.  To think the ten years has passed since her nomination, and she stayed in Alaska, and less than a month after McCain’s death she announces she is moving, is too close to be coincidental.  Remember that we thought she was moving to Arizona when she bought a home there.

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It was as if McCain has threatened her to stay away or he would reveal more than she could tolerate.  Did McCain threaten to reveal that Trig was not Sarah’s son?  Did McCain threaten to reveal that Todd was a pimp?  Did McCain threaten to reveal just how stupid Sarah was?
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As many things as Sarah Palin has done to damage America, it is astounding that she is still popular with an uneducated and easily manipulated segment of the population.  The mere fact that she was invited to endorse Trump is an indication that her presence is still a danger.
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The fact that America elected Donald Trump makes the Palin connection even more  disturbing.

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In the announcement of the move, Palin said:

“I want to do something that will influence our culture,”

“To really remind people how important a work ethic is and to try to erase a lot of this idea that people have that government owes them anything. Or that anybody owes them anything.”

Palin said she still wants to be in “some positions here to get that message out there, how important it is to be independent, get out there and work for yourself.”

Palin then used the opportunity of the announced move to warn fellow Republicans that “… they’re acting like victims and they’re always on defense,” she said. “That’s not what the supporters of the platform expect.”

“We expect to be on offense in order to clean things up — drain that swamp — get government back on our side and get it off our backs and quit playing victim all the time!”

“You’re not going to win a ballgame only playing defense,” she added.

Palin said she still supports the president’s policies and is “very thankful for the Trump movement.”

The timing of the announcement, the fact that Arizona and New Mexico are possible destinations, the fact that the announcement is replete with references to politics including “drain the swamp”, are each red flags.  Palin is coming to the mainland, and we can bet the shrill of her voice is only going to get louder as time goes by.

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7 thoughts on “Is the Timing of Sarah’s Move an Indication that McCain Threatened Her?

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  1. lol She said they’re almost to the point where all their kids without special needs are out of school on on their own. They’ve only had Piper and Trig for several years now as dependents. Notice that she didn’t say they were moving permanently or soon. Piper graduates next year I’m assuming unless she’s trying to graduate early like Willow did and Bristol tried to.

    There was no bad blood between Sarah and John. He FIERCELY defended her RECENTLY. (well, in that book, recent)


    1. None of them have a diploma. Get real. And when did McCain “fiercely” defend her? You know we can Google, right? Every one knows you’re full of shit. He regretted agreeing to her.


  2. Wasilla has actually had enough of the Palins.
    For over a decade, Target has been unable to keep enough stock of diapers on the shelves for other residents.
    Their youngest underaged daughter is M.I.A..
    Putin wants the layaway Down election baby back.
    The hockey rink changed the locks.
    The yoga studio disliked the middle finger.
    Hagood Hardy succumbed to illness as a result of the 1984 pageant flautist.

    And the most obvious she failed to mention – the Alaska salmon fishing is way down (Todd’s job) as a result of global warming, pollution, and man’s interference – all things the palins deny. And Sarah has no marketable skills, unless you call ranting online on her blog with her name as the title but denies all responsibility for it.

    Of course, god also may have left her.

    Wasilla is running the palins out of town!!!

    Its also very likely that McCain had an entire-state restraining order against all the palins, so now that he is dead she’s safe to go pop pills for the next number of decades in the desert.

    What do you think?


  3. Maybe trump gave her a condo in NY for her court hearings. Maybe moving close to Bristol. Maybe seeking McCains senate seat in Arizona. New mexico? She is not very popular anywhere, so it is either health, lawsuit, Bristol, or forced.


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