Marriage Secrets of Donald Trump that Aren’t So Secret


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For as long as America has had Presidents, there has been great intrigue about the relationship between the President and his wife.  At least five Presidents had affairs that were documented.  George Washington, Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, John Kennedy, and Bill Clinton each were notoriously unfaithful to their wives.  Yet there were decidedly different aspects of these affairs and the Donald’s infidelity to Melania.

  1.  Donald Trump is only the second President to have been divorced before becoming President.  Ronald Reagan was divorced 32 years before becoming President.  Reagan married Nancy in 1952, and didn’t take office until 1981.  Thus he and Nancy had been married 29 years before becoming President.  Thus it would seem that Americans prefer the image of an American President who is true to his word, and loyal to his wife.
  2. Melania Trump is the first First Lady who was not born in the United States.
  3. Melania Trump may have been married before her marriage to Donald.
  4. Melania Trump is the first First Lady who posed naked before her husband ran for President.

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5.  Trump is the first President who was divorced more than once before being elected.

6.  Trump is the first President to be caught on tape, before or after his election, bragging about grabbing women by the pussy.

6.  Trump is the first President to be accused by 13 women of inappropriate and unwanted touching of their bodies.

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7.  Donald was 52 years old when he met Melania.  She was 28.

8.  Melania is the first First Lady to discuss her sex life with the President on national radio.  She told radio host Howard Stern that she and the Donald had sex multiple times per day.

9.  The Donald has the largest diamond ring of any wife of any President.  Her wedding ring is a  15-karat, $1.5 million diamond ring.

10.  Trump is the first American President to has had sexual relations with a porn star after he was married to the First Lady.

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11.  Donald Trump is the only American President to have had an affair with a playboy bunny shortly after he married the First Lady.

12.  Donald TRump is the only American President who told the Director of the FBI that he was worried about allegations that he paid prostitutes to urinate on a bed in Russia.

13.  The Donald “allowed” Melania to have a child but only if she stayed fit.

14.  Melania reportedly doesn’t even tease Donald, but rather obediently compliments him.  Melania has been known to praise the Donald by telling him he was more well known than other actors or rich folks.

15.  Trump has talked about Melania in a crude manner, repeatedly, and in public. As Newsweek reports, back in 1999 when Trump was talking Howard Stern, he said he’d groped his wife in public. He also gave details about having sex with his wife and rated other women’s bodies.  In another interview he said that even if Melania was in a car accident, he’d stay with her as long as her breasts were intact, GQ reports.

The relationship of the American President with his wife may not be a relevant criterion for election to office.  Whether he is divorced or gay is of no consequence.  However if he is a wife abuser or a serial adulterer, this behavior is extremely bothersome.  This type of behavior gives insight into the President’s attitudes toward women.  Women around the country should be concerned about President Trump and even Bill Clinton because of their attitudes toward women.

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  1. Speaking of men who do not respect woman – I just read on HuffPost that Supreme Court nominee Kavanaugh’s accuser has gone public. Not much info yet. Guess she decided going public was the right thing to do.


  2. I kinda get the feeling that melanie is a gift to the Donald from putin. Some say she is a spy. And Donald is just a horny viagra old man and stupid enough to fall for it. There seems to be many old men in the donalds swamp that have foreign women from communist countries.


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