Trump’s “Unsung Success” is the Death of 3000 Americans

Trump sang his praise for an “incredibly successful” job done in Puerto Rico, where the government estimates thatnearly 3,000 people died as a result of Hurricane Maria last year.

Speaking from the White House, Mr. Trump sought to assure the public that the Federal Emergency Management Agency was ready for Hurricane Florence, which is currently heading toward the Carolinas, saying, “We are as ready as anybody has ever been.”

He boasted that the federal government got excellent grades for its disaster response in Texas and Florida, but he complained that the even better job done in Puerto Rico had been ignored. “I think that Puerto Rico was an incredible, unsung success,” Mr. Trump said.

An estimated 2,975 people died in Puerto Rico as a result of Hurricane Maria.  That number of deaths was the result of a study  conducted by researchers at The George Washington University. CNN’s own reporting reflects similar numbers. So it’s not fake news, or democratic misinformation.  It’s documented by a University study.  It is clear that President Trump doesn’t feel constrained to report facts if the facts are not favorable to him.

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5 thoughts on “Trump’s “Unsung Success” is the Death of 3000 Americans

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  1. Let’s recap:

    9/11. Nearly 3000 people killed on american soil. Congress enacts “War on terror” immediately.

    09/2017 – 09 2018: “Man sworn in as american president” systematically kills More Than 3000 Americans on American soil, under the cover of a hurricane in Puerto Rico, as a way of proxying his hatred of non-whites. Blames democrats and media. Congress doesn’t do shit.


    1. and even after murdering thousands and making an entire island of millions of Americans suffer, ‘melania’ – who is ‘exceptional’ – doesn’t consider this bullying.
      MY GOD!!!!


  2. And let us not forget thousands of Americans harmed by rogue law enforcement.
    I have always respected, appreciated and supported the law, military and legal community. But today we have a huge problem in certain areas in the USA. Examples…The military have rogue contractors and officers, In northern California the rogue police dept using social media to post protesters photos and personal info that are against supremist. Another example is body cams turned off, evidence destroyed in cases challenged. Excessive force. Not aiding victims. And in NYPD the attorneys representing rogue pd are ignoring court orders and deadlines. This is happening all over the USA. It makes one take notice of those law enforcement standing on stage with trump cheering on his lies and corruption. Many are associated with the Constitutional Sheriff Association, NRA and the Fraternal order of police. It is alarming and must be exposed and stopped. Americans must respect Law enforcement.


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