John Oliver on the Dumbest Things in Florida

2 thoughts on “John Oliver on the Dumbest Things in Florida

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  1. Florida’s treatment of felons who have served their sentences is, I believe, unconstitutional. And the irony of the situation is that Rick Scott, governor, is in charge of the committee of four (cronies) who decide if such people can have their right to vote restored.

    Scott presided over a company that committed Medicare fraud to such an extent that, in 2002, it paid the largest fraud settlement to the US government to that date. So, Florida’s governor who as head of the guilty company which cheated the US government (and the US citizenry of vast amounts of money) could easily be seen as a perpetrator and a fraudster felon. How was he even allowed to be a candidate there and how could he be allowed to vote?

    I’ve never understood how all those senior citizens who’ve flocked to Florida for decades could have voted for him. I certainly would never have. In fact, I would have campaigned tirelessly against him. What gross hypocrisy on his part!


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