If Trump Says It; Presume It’s a Lie

If you thought that might be a lie, you’d be right.  4.2% GDP growth in the second quarter is accurate and an unemployment rate of 3.9% in August is also accurate.  But setting aside the complications of comparing quarterly and monthly data, this is far from the once-a-century event Trump claims.  Since 1950, GDP growth has been higher than the jobless rate more than 60 times. 

Thus for Trump to say this, is proof positive that he has NO RESPECT FOR THE TRUTH.  It isn’t important to him to even have a plausable explanation for his lies.  He simply doesn’t care.

iImage result for trump lie

America is facing a deeply dysfunctional presidency and crisis of governance with no parallel in modern history, apart, perhaps, from the paranoid final days of the Nixon administration.  It’s as if Trump doesn’t have any regard to the devastating effect he has on the country, or even the Republican Party.

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