Trump’s Rallies Are Unrealistic Reality Shows

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If you ever watched reporting on a Trump rally you were probably shocked at the apparent number of people who turned out to support the worst President in the history of our country.

Watching television, the Trump supporters seem to be enthusiastic and unified in their support for the president.  We knew that vocal protesters were removed from Trump rallies.  However you might not have realized that even people who attend Trump rallies who don’t have the right facial reaction to Trump are removed and replaced with people who “look the part.”

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When you see the removal of a man from a Trump rally because he didn’t have the right facial expressions it is clear that we are watching a made for television reality show that does NOT reflect reality.  The reality is that people who appear on television at Trump rallies are staged, like a reality show that doesn’t reflect reality.


Trump’s campaign rallies are often characterized by raucous interactions among supporters, Trump, and, sometimes, protesters.  “Having conducted 520 campaign rallies, Trump’s staffers appear to have developed a surgical approach to addressing the riffraff. During a rally in Evansville, Indiana, last week, one of Trump’s volunteer staffers was caught on camera blocking a news photographer’s camera lens as the photographer tried to take a photo of a protesters.”

8 thoughts on “Trump’s Rallies Are Unrealistic Reality Shows

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  1. Do you recall the example of how to cook a frog? Can not remember exactly how it goes – but starting the water out cool and slowly increasing the temperature until it is cooked. I feel like that is what has been happening with our great nation under the leadership of a total fruitcake. The temperature keeps going up and his followers do not detect a thing. Total insanity around us.

    With that said – a great speech by Obama. Telling it like it is and not afraid to say Trump’s name. How I miss his leadership.

    Another positive thing that is gaining some traction now are the almost daily articles about Trump’s obvious declining connection with reality – and many encouraging some type of intervention and acknowledgement of what we are witnessing.


  2. To be at the rally, you have to be addicted opiates, have high blood pressure through complete fault of your own, working part-time on a GED which seems impossible because its not a chapter in the bible, sing country music karaoke, not own dental floss, have 8 or 9 bibles, have multiple children all of whom are overweight and eat sugar all day, drink around the clock, not be able to name any book besides the bible, not be able to name any book they have ever read apart from the bible.


  3. Madeline Westerhout, the “greeter” at the gates of hell. Trumps gate keeper and a recent grad of political science. Known to hang out at the elevator and escalator at trump tower. If you want to mingle with the devil she is the one to contact. She will greet you and take you to the devil himself. She has the $95,000 job of taking the swamp garbage in to plot against America with the devil. What a gal. Her mom and dad must be extremely proud.


  4. Does anyone know? Where does trump advertise for his rallies? by tweet? by flyer? where do people get notice and tickets to attend the event? How much does he pay them? Are they scientologist? What and who are they? Are they broke actors? Where does he find these people? Does the ad say, do you want to be on tv with the devil? Make religious history with doomsday creator?


  5. In the first two photos above (or the first photo shown twice), the two women behind Don the Con and to his right look like they are asleep standing up. He should have had them removed!


  6. Where does he get these people? Qanon website? where? How much does he pay them? Clearly they are sick of his same old song and dance. They listen to the same garbage. What is wrong with them?


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