Trevor Noah on Burning Nike Shoes

3 thoughts on “Trevor Noah on Burning Nike Shoes

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  1. This whole thing is screwed.

    On one hand, people destroying their shoes. What – there’s no charity or needy person to donate them to? So vulgar, inhumane, and unfair to nature.

    On the other hand, the kneelers. Should the ER doctor kneel before saving a child, should, should a waiter make his tables wait while he kneels, should a pilot hold the plane on the tarmac while he kneels? Kaepernick & co., stop selfishly holding people hostage while you proxy your issues onto them with no escape. People pay to see you play ball, just like they pay the dentist to fix their teeth. Punk. Find an appropriate way to engage.


  2. re, Kap and any other kneelers are NOT holding up the game. They are kneeling during the National Anthem to protest the racial brutality and inequality in the USA. Do you stand at home when the anthem is played? If not, why not? What about all the people running to the snack stands and restrooms during the anthem?


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