Sarah Palin Celebrates Labor Day With Mothers Around the World

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It is “fake news.  Sarah Palin isn’t pregnant.  She is too old.  She is a grandma now to at least five children and she gave birth to at least four children.  On this Labor Day Sarah didn’t want to remember her labor and that of women around the world.  She didn’t think that Labor Day was an international holiday, dedicated to the labor mothers around the world endured as part of childbirth.  If she had, she probably would have taken a flight from Texas to Anchorage, remembering her unnoticed labor prior to giving birth to Trig.  Instead she is probably sitting at home simply enjoying the rush of pain medication that mothers often use during labor.

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She isn’t calling Melania to commiserate about the sacrifices women make during childbirth while their husbands are hooking up with Playboy bunnies or porn stars.

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Sarah is definitely not thinking about how proud she is of all the kids she gave birth to.

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She isn’t focused on the impact of domestic abuse on the fetus, especially when the father kicks the mother of his child in the knee or head rather than the abdomen.

On this labor day Sarah isn’t an advocate for women who have been abused by Donald Trump, Ted Nugent, Phil Robertson, Roy Moore or her husband.

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8 thoughts on “Sarah Palin Celebrates Labor Day With Mothers Around the World

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  1. BBQ Sarah and BBQ Don enjoy taking America’s holiday from the Americans whom built America. The hardworking average American. The Americans that go to work, pay their bills, vote and hope for a brighter future. But greedy opportunist that lie cheat and steal to deceive American workers are pathetic fake cons.


    1. Maybe neither Palin nor Trump can really celebrate Labor Day because neither of them has ever really worked. Certainly no one in the Palin family has a legitimate job, the kind you go to every day and get paid once a week. And with her “youngest” child, it was clear from the photo evidence that Sarah never “labored” before his birth.


  2. Time for Sarah to call off willows engagement. As it turns out, Track only has rehab for a bit, and enough time has passed since his court date that the evangelicals won’t notice the original connection of engagement-as-media-deterrent-from-son-tracks-rampage. So Will can go back fulltime to her purple hair and instagram. She is so lucky to have such colorful hair like that, and is gifted to put it on instagram like that, wow a young woman with values and its all a colorful gift to god on instagram as a sacrifice. She is sacrificing just like her mom Sarah. Haha.


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