Sarah Palin is a Chapter in McCain’s Life The Family is Trying to Bury

As the McCain family proceeds with the elaborate details of services held in his honor, it appears that the family would like to bury any memory of the Palin chapter in his life.  Of course Barack Obama and Joe Biden were invited not only to attend but to give remarks.  Thus the indication is that it was not John’s defeat in the 2008 Presidential election that was painful to remember.  The fact that Sarah Palin and her family were not invited was an indication that the McCain family was trying to prevent any media attention for Palin.

However today it seems that eliminating Sarah personally from the memorial services was not enough.  It appears that the McCain family would like to pretend that the Sarah Palin embarassing chapter in McCain’s life never happened.  According to a report from Politico, three of McCain’s top aides from the 2008 campaign were not invited to attend any of the services. They include his former campaign manager Steve Schmidt, senior adviser Nicolle Wallace, and strategist John Weaver. Schmidt and Wallace have been vocally critical of McCain’s decision to choose Palin as his running mate, even though Schmidt had a role in the selection process. This caused deep-seeded resentment between McCain and his top campaign staffers.

The inescapable conclusion is that the McCain family would like to pretend that Sarah Palin was never a part of John McCain’s life.  Even the horrible five years spent as a prisoner in a North Vietnamese prison camp will be remembered as the funeral procession passes the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.  McCain survived that experience with his soul in-tact.  However it seems the experience with Sarah Palin was so humiliating that it wasn’t enough to limit Palin from attending.  Anyone associated with that assault on America was not welcome.

3 thoughts on “Sarah Palin is a Chapter in McCain’s Life The Family is Trying to Bury

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  1. Do we know if, while he lay in state, there will be a video playing on autoloop next to his coffin, as if one were in a museum, of a sledgehammer smashing a pair of rimless eyeglasses in front of a burning pile of Neiman Marcus clothing?


  2. We know what a disaster she was/is. I was surprised, though, about Wallace and Schmidt not being invited. I was unaware that McCain was angry with them for being interviewed for the book, “Game Change”.


  3. Active Measures came out today. It is a documentary that McCain warns us about the Russians. I have not seen it. I have a feeling that McCain will be explaining why he was forced to put sarah on the ballot. He was clearly extorted or something. Sarah was such a nightmare and mess. As we know it was SCARY


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