Compare John McCain’s Rules to Live-By, to Sarah Palin’s

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Politico features an article that lists John McCain’s Rules to Live By.

Listen actively

Learn avidly

Engage generously

Care deeply and serve passionately.

Work tirelessly

Think for yourself

Call it like you see it.

Have courage in your conviction

Team energetically

Duty first.

Respect the process

Protect the minority

Engage the opposition

Take risks

Clean up the role of money in politics

Honor the office.

Curate freedom’s comparative advantage.

Lead from the front

Peace through strength

Defense of democratic values is a team sport.

Candor with allies and adversaries

Modernize our strategies, alliances and forms of global engagement.

Know your history

It appears he never shared these with Sarah Palin.  Instead, I suspect these would be Sarah’s Rules to Live By if she ever sat down to write them down:

Never Listen to instructions, or read directions.

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Stay Stupid so you never have to take responsibility.

Get engaged as often as you get pregnant.

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If you don’t care deeply about yourself, who will?

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Never work out or you might look like this.

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Don’t waste your time thinking.

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Call your spouse names if they fit.

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Don’t have any convictions so you never have to explain why you didn’t have the courage to follow them.

Make the team work for you energetically.

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Me first.

Respect our North Korean allies.


Minorities should be eliminated because they are the minority.

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Engage the opposition but never squirmish with them.

If there is a risk to be taken, bring a gun.

Image result for sarah palin gun

Money is never dirty, eat all you want.

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Honor yourself, however you can.

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Curate freedom by freeing yourself from any responsibility providing care for a special needs child.

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Always wear a tableshirt when taking the lead.

Image result for palin tableshirt litman

A “peace” of pie in your stomach is worth two on your plate.

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Team sports are best when shared with others.

Image result for sarah palin basketball player


Candor will often get you in trouble.

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Modernize your hair.

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Know your history if you allow someone to film you talking about history.

5 thoughts on “Compare John McCain’s Rules to Live-By, to Sarah Palin’s

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  1. Hello Malia! Hope all is well with you. How ironic; today is the late Senator McCain’s birthday. Ten long years ago today, the horrid nightmare of the dysfunctional palins was unleashed upon the nation. (The wasilla hillbillies who looted Neiman-Marcus!!) I still vividly recall that eardrum-splitting screech at the RNC in Minneapolis, while musing aloud, “who the hell is this idiot”?? As far as I’m concerned, she is the one who championed ignorance, which laid the groundwork for the fat orangutan!


    1. Malia – just found out now; NBC reports that the palins are NOT invited to the late Senator McCain’s funeral!! I’m sure that either the family or close associates made this wonderful decision! Can you imagine the McCain family’s horror seeing those hillbilly tramps and the way they dress, especially idiot $arah and that rubber-ass skirt??


  2. Let us hope that the McCain family does not allow sarah skank palin permission to attend and make a spectacle out of herself. And better yet, that John McCain said NO Donald trump nor sarah palin at his funeral. Even pence should not be allowed in the door. All of them are to corrupt and disgraceful.


  3. Great post!

    What happened to:

    Attempt to murder your husband’s prostitute.

    Shout “do you know who I am” as your shoeless drunken daughter pees herself at a family brawl.

    Scapegoat a pile of rocks for a bloodied face and the “family problems” that caused it.

    (page 1 of 679865446776)


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