Donald Trump Immitates Billy Crystal…Poorly!

Nobody says “hello” like Billy Crystal.  Only Billy Crystal can say the simple word “hello” and make us laugh.

Donald Trump performed an poor imitation of Billy Crystal when he tried to call the MexicanPresident.  Whether it was the orange face, the absurd hair style, or the fact that he was calling the President of the country that was supposed to pay for building the wall, President Trump looked like a fool.

5 thoughts on “Donald Trump Immitates Billy Crystal…Poorly!

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  1. Don the Con’s desk is frequently virtually clear. Since he doesn’t read anything, I guess there’s no point for anyone working in the White House to provide him with anything in writing, as in, on paper. What an imbecile that man is!


  2. Incompetent does not fully describe Trump. He is so much more than. I really cannot use all of the words without getting really crude.


  3. Wow does trump appear weak and insecure. He could possibly be suffering from a stroke with all the pressure he has now. The fake golf schedule while colluding, the worry about google ganging up on him with fake news of his lies lies lies. He has lost his control of so many enablers. Nobody will go to jail for him nor take a bullet. The old dotard is finished and he knows it. Don and Val from Russia have toss their roofs according to Russiphobe KGB TV.


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