Sarah Palin Looks the Fool…Again!

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The name “Sarah Palin” seems to evoke images of foolishness, gullability, lack of education, and stupidity.  Who would run for one of the highest offices in the land and not read newspapers, not know that our enemy is North Korea, not realize that Paul Revere was warning the Americans that the British were coming, and think that the way to solve the Gulf Oil Spill was to build a dike?

Last night was the final episode of Sacha Cohen’s Who is America?  The actual interview with Palin was omitted.  However Cohen got the last laugh by NOT including the interview, but by giving Palin credit at the end as an “inadvertent publicity consultant.”

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It was Sarah Palin who admitted and publicized the fact that she was “duped” by Sacha Cohen in the filming of Who is America?  It was her announcement that she was duped that generated major excitement for the show.  Sarah Palin objected to Cohen’s interview in a Facebook post.  In addition to admitting that she had been “duped” Palin admitted that she was foolish enough not to pay attention to the airport where she was scheduled to depart, and thus missed her flight. 

She also issued a challenge to Cohen, calling him “shallow Sacha boy.”  She challenged him to air the footage.  Sarah added that her daughter thinks Sacha is a piece of shit…which is rather ironic since shit was the subject of at least one interview.

Taking advantage of the publicity, Sacha Baron Cohen has hit back at Sarah Palin after she branded the comedian “evil, exploitive” and “sick” after posing as a wounded US veteran to get an interview for his surprise new series.

In character as Billy Wayne Ruddick Jr, PhD, Cohen responded.

He released a statement under the guise of a right-wing journalist branding her comments as “FAKE NEWS”.

The letter reads: “I did NOT say I was a War Vet. I was in the service – not military, but United Parcel and I only fought for my country once – when I shot a Mexican who came onto my property.”

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Thus by publicizing her outrage, Palin caused a media frenzy that brought the show to the attention of America.  She became the inadvertent publicist for the show by advertising both her stupidity and her outrage.  Evidently Americans like to watch examples of things that cause Palin to be outraged and highlight her stupidity.

The original broadcast of Who Is America? was not viewed by a significant number of people.  However with Sarah’s help the show received almost triple the viewers of the show’s pilot. 2.8 million people tuned in to watch the second episode of Sacha Baron Cohen’s Showtime series compared to the paltry 1 million who watched the series opener on 15 July.

Perhaps Cohen decided to eliminate the segment highlighting Palin’s stupidity because everyone already knew how foolish she is.  After all who could top other videos that we have already seen.

Perhaps Cohen simply preferred to air the segments highlighting the foolish people that we hadn’t seen and save the Palin interview for the premiere of the second series!

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9 thoughts on “Sarah Palin Looks the Fool…Again!

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  1. She gets a high from her hatred. No really, the cells in her body crave the adrenalin from her rage. And in increasing amounts. Without her ignorance – the source of her anger – she wouldn’t feel alive. Truth is a threat to her existence. Hence the moniker Fake News – it ensures the release of more adrenalin, more drug, more violence.
    Anger is so much easier to control than the underlying hurt.


  2. Not to mention being a AIP member and taking calls from putin, the KGB. Oh and colluding with trumpy bear over pizza. Plotting and planning more hacks on emails. The expert on rigging elections.


  3. I just do not get the mindset, Malia. I mean, really! If you were that stupid/ignorant, wouldn’t you just shut up and go away? Yet, she seems to revel in it.


    1. CIP,
      She would only shut up and go away if she were self aware to realize just how foolish she looks. For example, if she were going to claim that Cohen was an evil person to trick her into doing the interview, that would be one thing. However the fact that she allowed herself to be taken to the wrong airport demonstrates just how clueless she is. That’s an example of responsibility that anyone would accept to be able to tell their driver which airport to go to. Maybe Cohen told the driver the wrong airport on purpose, but she should have made sure when she got in the car that the driver knew where to take her. If she didn’t you or I would be so embarassed that we would never have publicized our stupidity by posting it on Facebook!


      1. I make fun of myself all the time on Facebook because I’m human, but, even in Israel getting your treatments, you always knew where you were, right? Whatever happened, Cohen got her but good and she couldn’t handle the humility no doubt. “ohhhh, its not NICE to fool Mother Nature!” KABOOM.


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