Jimmy Kimmel on Trump’s Spiratual Adviser

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  1. When looking at Donald trump he has the look of a devil, his followers act like children of the devil, certain congress people behave like defenders of the devil, even some trusted clergy seem to bow to the devil. America is at an odd crossroad and what she stands for. My America stands for hope, happiness, prosperity, strength and a beacon for those searching for a future. We do not bow to a king nor queen. We do not coward. We hope for peace. But will fight till Death.


      1. Thank you Malia, I have read your blog for over 10yrs. I found you in 2007 when America was exposed to the McCain Palin debacle. McCain lost due to palin and I am thankful for President Obama which I voted for twice. I have read your books and debated over the years on several subjects, palin, Zimmerman, etc. Thank you for giving a place and voice to average Americans that have opinions and something to say. Thank you, Bless you and hoping all is well. Sincerely, America the beautiful.


      2. America the Beautiful,
        I am overwhelmed and humbled that you have been reading so long. If it weren’t for people like you, it would be hard to spend the time necessary to write every day. I love writing and keeping up with political events, especially when there are people like Palin and Trump that present such a clear and present danger to our country. When my MS is bad I can always work on the computer and feel like I can make a difference even if I can’t leave the house. We each have our limitations and challenges and that is mine. Writing on the blog is really therapy for me. The fact that anyone cares makes it so much more worthwhile. Thank you!!!


  2. The bleached blond who is Don the Con’s “spiritual advisor” looks like she’d have some difficulty keeping her red strapless dress up high enough. Does the dress even fit her? It does not look like anything a legitimate “spiritual advisor” would wear.


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