Stephen Colbert on Boating With Trump in North Dakota

3 thoughts on “Stephen Colbert on Boating With Trump in North Dakota

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    1. I honestly believe that Senator John McCain was threatened, extorted or somehow forced to put that woman on the ballot with him. There was speculation that there was dirt on McCain and at last minute he was extorted and forced to put that lousy lying woman on the ballot with him. He seemed happy to lose the election, steve Schmidt and Nicole Wallace are witness to the crime. And all readers here know what happened after that. Sarah Palin is as disgraceful as trump, she is as corrupt and dishonorable as trump, she caused this country harm and disgrace. Let us hope that the McCain family tell her to NOT attend the funeral as they told trump. Even pence should not be allowed to attend. NO TRAITORS TO AMERICA


  1. On a beautiful cloudy day in Northern Arizona where the wildflowers grow, wild life roam Senator John McCain passed away at his beloved ranch. Down yonder where I live I watched the local news covering it. We share the love of the area, bird watching, open spaces, and our own ranches. Over the years I agreed and disagreed with John. Looking back we agreed on important issues and recently I admired him more for standing up for issues against his party. I am so Thankful his last verbal gift of demanding that trump not be at his funeral. At the end Senator John McCain is Honored as not a perfect man but a real Man, father, Senator and Human. He served his country with Honor and Respect.


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