Trouble in Paradise: Kellyanne Conway and Husband Have Been Trumped

Kellyanne Conway made herself a national figure when she explained that Donald Trump, sometimes, relies on “alternative facts.”

No doubt, Kellyanne has an impossible job, trying to pretend trump didn’t lie …again and again.  Here is  a recent example of her inability to denfend the President’s lies.

6 thoughts on “Trouble in Paradise: Kellyanne Conway and Husband Have Been Trumped

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  1. The Conway’s are a strange couple. She is a lying piece of trash. He seems to be a man who knows right from wrong. Must be interesting dinner times at their house.

    What a week we have had. People around Trump are falling one by one. Some of those in positions that can destroy him. Let the destruction begin!!


  2. Wondered if you have seen a couple of on air pieces by FOX’s Neil Cavuto and Bret Baier – very critical of Trump. Gosh – wonder how he feels about that?

    I have not seen a comment from Trump concerning his CFO of the Trump business who has been given immunity in the Cohen case. So much dirt to uncover.


  3. How on earth does Kelly anne Conway explain her lifestyle to her children? I cant imagine how those kid refrain from calling her names and the lack of respect towards her. She is a disgusting person. She cannot hide her lifestyle from her children.


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