Jimmy Kimmel Explains Trump Uses the “N” Word

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  1. It is said that Willow may be serving tapenade at her wedding.

    First MOH, then a rumored tapenade. Then gangs of giant olives taking over the hillsides??, oh no! D#mn you, Willow, leave the olives their peace!



    1. Its nearly 10 year anniversary of Palin not answering Couric about the newspapers. No other event has altered the course of america than that. It IS – it is -the event that singlehandedly gaslit and unleashed the incuriousity and ignorance that has led to trump, and likely the end of the planet.
      Malia can you post an “open call for newspapers response” to Sarah herself? (or maybe you can’t/wont do that).

      I also understand that trying to get an ‘adverse traumatized addict creationist’ to engage empathically and reasonably is never an idea of how to put time to good use.


      1. A re-asking of Couric’s very famous question. An invite for sarah to finally provide her response.
        It is not okay for her to endlessly talk about her initial failure of a non-response, and it is time for her to directly answer the question with a response to the question, even if her response is that she does not read newspapers. Her response must capture only the leading-to-2008 timeframe, not what she has read in the last decade.


      2. slamm,
        Whatever she says it won’t be the truth. She obviously doesn’t even know the names of places to get news. She just get somebody else to answer the question if she answered it now.


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