Rick Gates Testifies He and Manafort Committed Crimes!

Gates also testified that he also stole money from Manafort.

8 thoughts on “Rick Gates Testifies He and Manafort Committed Crimes!

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  1. Why is Bristol putting her kids on MTV in front of the camera?. These are Sarah’s grandkids – that same then-44 year old Sarah who voiced vulturous protection of leaving the kids out of it. Is that only until TV and fame show up, Sarah? Just like when you abandoned all Alaskans for the same thing?

    Most of bristols known kids are barely walking, thereby much younger than the raucious ramshackle herd Sarah paraded across the ’08 RNC stage, and therefore more at the whim of an inconsistent unstable volatile mother. And the rest of Bristols kids are busy cussing bigotry and hatred, came from a pillow, and spoke Russian as a first language.

    “Leave the kids out of it”, Sarah? Try again, quitter.


  2. There is no one that associates with trump that is ethical or decent. Even the judge overseeing the trial and conviction of Manafort has exhibited Judicial misconduct. So who watches him? The Judicial commission? Who is on that commission? Daily we have witnessed outrageous behavior of trump chumps from the beginning of the rigged election to present. Each with their own criminal past and criminal behavior and crimes.
    Trump began his criminal lifestyle many years ago. His associations are as bad. years of crimes leading up to his rigged election. Glad it is exposed now. Hopefully Justice will prevail and America will be on a good path to heal our society.


      1. Today the insider trading crime and arrest of rep. Collins. There were many others involved in this. EVERYONE associated with trump is a crook and liar. Law enforcement does not have to search, they are all right there endorsing trump.


  3. Manafort certainly has lived an interesting and complicated life. I am truly amazed at the info coming out about him in testimony. He is truly done for.


      1. Yeah trump wants manafort in the general population in prison instead of solidary confinement. That will not help him at all. He would be better off helping the FBI capture crooks like himself and paying back society in privacy.


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