Could Trump Impose Martial Law?

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Raw Story provides a detailed account of the possibility that Trump could declare martial law.  We would all like to think that couldn’t happen, but the reality is that he could try.   If Republican members of Congress refuse to stand against Trump and voice their disapproval of his continued refusal to protect the constitutional rights of American citizens, it is very possible that we could find ourselves in such a position.

The reality is that under the United States Constitution, the President doesn’t have the power to declare martial law, even in cases of war and rebellion.  The military is only allowed to act as the government when there is no other government is available; and then only when it is absolutely necessary.  Trump, nor any other president, cannot suspend the legal system on his say-so, so long as the courts can open their doors.Martial rule can never exist where the courts are open, and in the proper and unobstructed exercise of their jurisdiction. It is also confined to the locality of actual war.”

Here’s the problem.  Trump has repeatedly done that which we thought could never be done.  Here are 7 ways that Donald Trump has already violated the United States Constituion.  Thus we shouldn’t take comfort in the President’s lack of power to impose Martial Law, because he has, already, used powers NOT granted to the President in the US Constitution.

The time to act is NOW.  No longer can we pretend that everything will be ok.  Call every Republican Congressman you know and demand that they speak out NOW!

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  1. OT.

    Someone said Willow is having her wedding reception at Planned Parenthood.

    (at least MOH won’t have far to walk in the morning)


  2. Trump is a dangerous evil criminal. A criminal that stole the US Presidency. Only in a movie have we witnessed such a crime. As we wait for him to be physically removed and charged with treason he continues to damage our country. Yes we must pressure all republicans and democrats to expedite the arrest of Donald john trump.


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