Trevor Noah Reports On the Annexation of Trump’s Balls

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  1. Malia –

    I was amazed today to see explanations of why Don Trump Jr;s girlfriend was let go from FOX News. You have probably come across articles by now – the story seems to be everywhere. Something about her sending pictures to other staff members of male private parts. I could not believe that!!

    It would seem the Trump family and all who are close to them are soiled. Nope. Soap will not clean it off.

    I also saw a comment somewhere by our fried Sarah saying Bristol was going on the reality show to “do good things” and not to just be a reality star. That would be a first.


  2. And so Manafort is connected to Russian and foreign campaigns. He wanted to be McCains campaign. There were rumors about how sarah palin was placed on the ballot. Some said McCain was extorted, bribed and forced to accept sarah. It all seemed odd at the time. And some said that trig was adopted and is the child of a wealthy Russian. . Then she suddenly quit as gov of Alaska when it failed. Something smells like Russian KGB, manfarts and the palins. Maybe mueller will have a word about this.


  3. Malia, It kinda fits in with the prostitution issue, the national enquirer stories, the military contractors, the oil exes, the Alaskan independent party, the pillow, the quitting, the rigging and hacking, I can see Russia and the constant odd behavior. They all go together in a nasty dirty filthy swamp of lies.


      1. I kinda think so. You can bet old sara and todd have her crooked finger in the pie. They can see Russia, the oil fields, the AIP, Prostitution, National Enquirer, silencing shailey, Adopted baby pillow, rigging elections, lying, quitting, McCain. Yep it smells like a pig with lipstick and hockey puck.


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