Rule of Law Doesn’t Apply to Trump or His People

The rule of law is the basis for any democracy.

And without the rule of law in democracy, you have chaos.

Meles Zenawi

Long before Trump ran for office he established himself as believing that he was above the law.  From refusing to rent to Black to fraud that he committed through Trump University, and refusal to pay people he owed for work performed, Trump has shown a long history of defiance of the rule of law.

When Trump was campaigning, he advertised his feeling that the rule of law did not apply to him.

Throughout his presidency it has become commonplace for him to flaunt his ability to avoid the rule of law for himself, and people he favors.  He pardoned Joe Arapio when he violated the law, and violated a Federal Court of Appeals Court’s attempt to enforce the law.  Instead of using his power to pardon people who may have treated unfairly by the criminal justice system, it is his pardon that represents unfair treatment.  Trump has used his power to pardon political friends, instead of those treated unfairly.

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Trump appears to have violated campaign finance laws.    Every day the wild revelations become more jaw-dropping, numbing us as the president declares himself above the law, and Congress fails to tell him he isn’t. The president and his lawyers change their story of what Trump knew or didn’t know, what he did or didn’t do: firing the FBI director because of “this Russia thing”; approving payoffs to a porn star; knowing whether his son sought “dirt” from Russians and aid from Arab princes and an Israeli social media manipulator.

Another person associated with Trump has brazenly violated the law, but there is seemingly no accountability.  The Hatch Act of 1939 was a law enacted 80 years ago in an effort to prevent federal employees in the executive branch from engaging in some forms of political activity.  Since Trump became President, various people in his administration have violated the Hatch Act.  In June of 2017, the Office of Special Counsel issued a warning to Dan Scavino Jr. for an April 2017 tweet that Scavino sent advocating for a primary challenge against U.S. Representative Justin Amash.  In October 2017, the OSC issued a warning to United States Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley for a June 2017 tweet that Haley retweeted from President Donald Trump endorsing Republican Congressional candidate Ralph Norman.  In November 2017, former Office of Government Ethics head Walter Shaub filed a complaint against White House counselor Kellyanne Conway charging that her opposition to Roy Moore opponent Doug Jones during a segment on “Fox and Friends” violated the Hatch Act.  

Thus, the people working for Trump can’t blame their illegal conduct on ignorance of the law.  They continue to violate the Hatch Act with apparent impunity.  An ethics group has filed a complaint against Melania Trump’s spokeswoman asserting that she violated the Hatch Act by using the president’s campaign slogan on her White House Twitter account.

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) filed the complaint with the Office of Special Counsel (OSC) against Trump spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham.

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Grisham posted a tweet about the crowd at a campaign rally for President Trump.  She said how she was “so proud to work” for the Trumps.

Grisham also included a “#MAGA” to represent Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan.

The watchdog group notes in the complaint that Grisham uses that account, @StephGrisham45, to conduct official White House Business. It also indicates that her tweets may be archived by the White House.

“The legal rules and guidance are clear that government officials aren’t allowed to use their positions for partisan political activity,” reported Noah Bookbinder, CREW’s executive director.

Despite multiple investigations and violations found, the Trump Administration has done nothing to curb its Hatch Act violations and stop the misuse of government for political purposes,” Bookbinder added.

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  1. Hi Malia –

    I just checked and it is only Wednesday. But the week-ends are not even sacred anymore.

    We are going to have to stay strong – no matter what. Some day this situation will right itself. I keep telling myself that because i don;t know what else to do.

    Take care. You are having a fierce heat spell as we are here in Cal. Talk soon.


  2. OT.
    Will there be vegan options at Willow’s wedding reception? Surely her wedding cake will be kosher – it can’t not be – as her mother is such great friends with Benjamin Netanyahu, who her mother Sarah befriended by wearing an Israeli lapel pin, which alone qualified Sarah to be VP.


  3. It makes one wonder what the long term motive and agenda is regarding this entire KGB NRA/Trepublicans rnc gop chitshow. World order? why on earth would so many americans be part of treason, espionage, collusion and enabling the KGB? All of these people should be in jail right now. The House of Representatives should be charged with Treason because clearly they have many traitors clearly part of collusion. What in hell does this group of republicans hope to accomplish and what outcome to they want? LOCK THEM UP LOCK THEM UP IS THE ONLY SOLUTION.


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