Bristol Gets $250,000 for Pretending to be a Teen Mom

Who else but a Palin could appear as a reality television star and make lots of money pretending to be something she is NOT.  Sarah did it pretending she was a hunter.

Now, at age 27, Bristol Palin reportedly getting $250,000 for her new role on the MTV reality about unwed teen mothers.

What a great idea!  Pay a person a 6 figure salary to advertise their life as a single mother, who has three children, at least two of whom were conceived out of wed lock.  Bristol Palin is a hero to unwed mothers who has used her children to catapult herself into a new role as a television star.  She previously admitted that she was doing a horrible job parenting Tripp.  Now in her new show she may reveal just how horrible she is at raising three children as a single mother.

The message is clear.  Forget school, or hard work.  it”s OK to brawl and get drunk.  If you are clever about how to use your children, you can do anything.  The more men you create offspring for the more likely it is that one of them will help you gain publicity.

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6 thoughts on “Bristol Gets $250,000 for Pretending to be a Teen Mom

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  1. She’ll never amount to anything, Malia, we all know that. How this country continues to glorify stupidity is beyond me. No doubt free publicity as well for Willow’s wedding and $arah to flit about for the cameras. Why people watch this crap is beyond me.

    She’s replacing someone who decided to make porn her career, and some other participant was arrested today for pulling a gun in a road rage incident? Sounds right up her alley. Those poor exploited kids…..they will never grow up to be anything either.


    1. CIP,
      When I think of the accomplishments of young people today who will be leaders of our country in the future, …scientists, engineers, doctors, bankers, traders, teachers etc it is amazing to me that people glorify people like Bristol who’s only claim to fame is getting pregnant out of wedlock!!! How does that make the world a better place? How does that advance society?


    1. freckles,
      There are so many unanswered questions that it boggles the mind. All I can say is that if you live in Alaska, I’d try to marry someone from outside Alaska, as you might be marrying your cousin!


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