Sarah Palin is Humliated in “Who is America?” , then Advertises the Show

Over seven million people on you tube have watched the audience on Jimmy Kimmel watch an extremely graphic movie clip of a Sacha Baron Cohen movie.

Obviously the clip was too graphic to show.  However the audience’s amazement is fun to watch.  The phrase “hillarity ensues” was made for this moment.  Truth is really funnier than fiction.  Sacha Cohen has been featured in a new series “Who is America”?  This is an actual clip of the show that aired last Sunday.


Before the first episode of Who Is America? aired, some of Cohen’s targets came forward to confess that they’d been duped, including Sarah Palin and Roy Moore, The gun-rights activist Philip Van Cleave, it emerged, had posted a 1,400-word Facebook post back in February warning others against falling for what he suspected to be the work of Michael Moore, or “ even worse, a Sacha Baron Cohen-esq ‘Borat’-type of shock comedy.” Walsh took things on the chin. “@SachaBaronCohen got me,” he tweeted. “Do I believe kindergarteners should be armed? Hell no. But, it’s on me. Sacha fooled me good. Flew me out to DC for some made up friend of Israel award. I gotta live with it.”

I found this clip on you tube of Dick Cheney autographing a water board.

Sarah Palin appeared to try to explain her ignorance in being duped by Cohen.

The amazing thing is that Palin talked about the show being about humiliation and devaluation of middle class Americans, when in fact it is really about illuminating the ignorance of the leaders of the right wing politicians like Palin.  This interview followed a Facebook post condemning the show.  Thus Palin is helping publicize the show.

Anyone interested can watch or tape the show.  It is on Showtime and will be aired tonight at 11:30 eastern.

A big shoutout to Cohen for shedding light on ignorant Americans, and another shout out to Sarah Palin for helping advertise the show.

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5 thoughts on “Sarah Palin is Humliated in “Who is America?” , then Advertises the Show

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  1. Oh this show is funny and sad. It goes to show exactly how ignorant and disgusting the typical republican is. They are exposed. I have not seen the one with our sarah in it yet but I can only imagine.
    I just read that the United Russia has submitted a bill to go after “fake news” commenters and media. Prison and a fine for making a false comment on social media. Typical communist KGB putin controlling the citizens of Russia into silence. He cant handle the truth like trumpy.


  2. She didn’t say she was humiliated. She said she found it wrong. She can take a joke, as she’s proven she has a great sense of humor.


    1. Hi, Grace, try again your moniker! I find it quite humorous that she walked out after the second episode hubby and I just now watched. Those people in Arizona town meeting hahahaha

      No one ever accused her of being the brightest bulb EVER. She must have had flashbacks of Charles Goodson, Katie Couric, Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie….I will laugh even harder when she walks off. “It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature!” KABOOM.

      Waving, Malia!


  3. Sarah is not a sacred woman.

    She is in a coma, held hostage to her psychosis of salvation by a gaseous vertebrate elsewhere, and her self-declaration of imagined earthly imperialism.

    This is where her ignorance all starts. The literal sinner/salvation model.

    There is, rather, this eternal principle finding itself in the human journey, in our experience.


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