The Whole World Watched,…Literally…as Putin Mocked Trump

 Yesterday was the World Cup final.  This morning, Donald Trump,dressed in his signature red tie congratulated Putin for a “great World Cup.”

 This is a video of the trophy ceremony featuring the leaders of the two finalists and Vladimir Putin.

The World Cup is one of the most popular events on earth. In 2014, 3.2 billion people watched the tournament, and one billionpeople watched the final between Argentina and Germany.

Nearly half the entire world’s population has watched the World Cup in Russia, which cost the country almost £9bn to host.  The deciding match, which saw France beat Croatia by 4-2 and take home the champion’s trophy for the first time since 1998, drew 19.3 million viewers, in France alone. That figure rose to 22.3 million people by the end of the game. It marks the seventh-most-watched TV program ever in France and the most-watched soccer match since 2002.

The attire of Putin was unmistakable.  He was dressed like Donald Trump, mocking Trump before the whole world.  It wouldn’t be the first time Putin has purposefully dressed like Trump.

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However, wearing the red tie that is a signature of Donald Trump was obvious, offensive, and demoralizing for America.

Image result for trump red tie

Image result for trump red tie

Image result for trump red tie

Image result for trump red tie

If you think I’m just imagining this mockery, consider the fact that Putin must have actually CHANGED ties before the awards ceremony.  This picture was taken of Putin earlier the same day where he was wearing a different tie.

Image result for putin world cup red tie

Putin posed for several pictures the same day as the final, but was wearing a blue tie earlier the same day.

Image result for putin world cup red tie

It wasn’t only that the tie was a plain red tie, but it was the unusual length of the tie that made it particularly noticable.

Image result for putin world cup red tie

It was almost as bad as if Putin had eaten a big mac on the world stage in front of billions,

Image result for trump mcdonalds

or colored his skin orange, with white circles around his eyes.

Image result for trump orange


3 thoughts on “The Whole World Watched,…Literally…as Putin Mocked Trump

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  1. It seems some of his toadies are beginning to finally admit what he has been doing. Such a disgrace and I would say treasonous.


  2. Trump is one disgusting weak ugly man. He is a skitzoid….I hope mueller meets him at the airport when he lands with a subpoena. Trump is delusional and dangerous. Time for him to go to prison.


  3. Our Congress, Law Enforcement and Military must go to work TODAY. And they must state The Articles of Impeachment and DEMAND the immediate removal of TRUMP and PENCE and ARREST them now for TREASON. The moving vans are ready to remove the personal effects of trump and pence from our buildings. Our military and law enforcement is ready to act, arrest and detain traitors.


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