Trump Protestors Exceed Inauguration Crowd

In spite of Trump’s claim that more people attended his inauguration than Obama’s, the photographs told the real story.

Image result for crowd trump inauguration

Trump has drawn huge crowds in Britan, but they are protestors, not supporters.

Organizers of the Edinburgh protests estimate around 50,000 protestors turned out to make their objections clear.  Police estimate that the numbers were closer to 10,000 to 12,000.

Thousands of protesters turned out to protest in London’s iconic Trafalgar Square.

Even half that, 50,000, would be the biggest weekday protest in London’s streets since demonstrations against the Iraq war in 2003.

Whatever the actual number of protestors in any particular Britan city, it is clear that Trump has drawn more protestors in Britan than supporters in America for his inauguration.  Britan anticipates protests in more than 60 locations in Trump’s four-day visit.

Demonstrators protest against the visit of U.S. President Donald Trump, in central London, Britain, July 13, 2018. 


2 thoughts on “Trump Protestors Exceed Inauguration Crowd

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  1. So the big huge question is? Were there Americans involved in the rigging? duh? YES!! This could not have happened without the help of Americans. The hateful, the tea bags, the NRA, internet providers, facebook, twitter, communication corporations, ATT, city county state employees, FEC, FCC and so many more, religious leaders, scientologist, fox news, actors, and more. Yes Americans committed TREASON and are TRAITORS to America.


    1. There were lots of Republicans, from people involved in the Trump campaign and the National Committee to members of Congress, who were also actively involved. Why else would McConnell have refused to rally a bipartisan effort among members of the Senate against the meddling once he was informed about it? That meant that McConnell was part of the collusion as well. I’m sure Ryan knew all about it too. I’d like to see them all out on their ears – and without lifetime benefits.


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