Avenatti Predicts Cohen Will Be Arrested by End of Summer

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  1. Alleged Questions About Willow’s Wedding –

    Is Sacha Baron Cohen invited to Willow’s wedding?
    Will the event be Open Carry?
    Will Planned Parenthood be providing gift baskets?
    When her sorority sisters from hair school fight for the bouquet will it turn into a brawl?
    Will Trig behave at his aunt’s first marriage?
    Will Michelle Obama be providing the all-vegetarian catering?
    If Sarah’s water breaks during the ceremony, will the multi-city flight be replaced by her birthing on the armful of newspapers in her purse she’s been reading?
    Will the reception show CCTV video of the younger bride buying drugs for her mother in the Target parking lot?
    Will Benjamin Netanyahu – who became extremely close to Sarah after Sarah wore an Israeli lapel pin – send his country’s blessings to the newlyweds?
    Will Dakota and Bristol renew their vows alongside ‘Lil Willow, get knocked up in the restroom, separate in the parking lot, and call it quits again by sunrise?
    Will the church accidentally be double-booked with a Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton-hosted fundraising sex party for Wasilla’s first LGBT Muslim Refugee Center?


  2. Americans predict and DEMAND that trump, cohen and half of congress be arrested by end of summer. WE the people do not take TREASON and TRAITORS of the United States of America lightly. These crooks aided Russia, North Korea and others to harm the United States of America and her Citizens. It is unforgivable and they must be charged and convicted for their OUTRAGEOUS crimes against the USA.


      1. Malia can you imagine what would have happened 100-150 yrs ago if a USA President would have knowingly colluded with the enemy? Oh my goodness, tar and feathered and face the firing squad or hung!!! We do have procedure and rules today but we have not had a down right criminal like trump.


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