Russia and Trump are Laughing at NATO

Germany is a captive of Russia,” Trump said at a meeting with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.   “It’s very inappropriate.”
“I think it’s something that NATO has to look at,” Trump said. “Germany is totally controlled by Russia.”
Trump’s comments were a remarkable criticism for a US president to make about a close US ally and is likely to increase tensions between the US and its European allies. Indeed, while Trump singled out Germany, he also noted that “numerous” NATO countries have made pipeline deals with Russia.
Trump, allies set for face-off during first day of NATO meetings

At some point the United States must stand up to our President and demand that he stop disparaging our allies.  Trump may not be re-elected, but the damage may be done.  We need to stop him NOW.

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5 thoughts on “Russia and Trump are Laughing at NATO

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  1. It just keeps getting worse on all fronts. It’s very very discouraging. We must flip at least the House in the midterms to impede this destructive man/child. The damage he has done already will last for years.


  2. The entire world is laughing at the trump circus chit show. He really is a very dumb person by his own making. Moron and Dotard is what the world calls him.


  3. Trump, the tea bag republicans and others are so connected to KGB Russia that it is beyond obvious. But why is the question? What is it that american traitors want from putin? What is their reward for committing treason? What do the likes of gowdy, issa, nunes, goodlatte and others have in common besides enabling putin and now trump? Are they bribed, threatened? extorted? President Obama warned americans, hilary of Russian interference before July 2016. I saw evidence by hacked emails, false info, professionals attacked and odd events before 2016. Why is the FBI and Professional Journalist claiming this started in 2016? This started long before, even the sarah palin Alaskan independence party connections, tea bag invasion in 2010 her being placed on the ballot with mccain and palin licking her lips and saying just wait you will see. There are many signs and evidence we were attacked as far back as 9/11. So lets demand, Cut the crap and force the truth. Something is very corrupt within our elected and society.


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