Neighbors from Hell

If you are wondering why you should have a good day, just be glad you don’t live next to a neighbor from hell.

3 thoughts on “Neighbors from Hell

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  1. Sarah misinterpreted michelle Obama as trying to control what people eat, and essentially, what they do with their body. Not with sarah and her Bible and abortion, of course. Or her kids and all the rampant unchristian unmarried sex and fatherless (and emotionally unavailable mothering) births.
    And here we have trump trying to basically send women (at least those who don’t support him) to Guantanamo if they use a breast rather than formula for infants.
    So where is sarah? (Or maybe she has said something – no doubt in tribal support or bible support)
    Boobs are better for kids.
    Regardless of whether there’s a boob in office, a woman has a say over what to do with her boobs.
    GMO is what kills.


  2. Daily Mail has a great article on sarah tonight. Priceless. Sarah the military mom, lol and piper? oh my here we go. typical palins.


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