Michael Cohen Speaks the “Real Truth” Instead of Alternative Facts

Who could forget Kellyanne Conway’s acknowledgement of “alternative facts” told by the Trump administration?

Donald Trump himself has railed against what he describes as “fake news”.

Michael Cohen has now declared that he will speak the “real truth.”  In the past, “real truth” would be an oxymoron.  However in the Trump administration, it is difficult to know what is the “real truth.”

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6 thoughts on “Michael Cohen Speaks the “Real Truth” Instead of Alternative Facts

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  1. Old Kelly ann Con job was shopping in a grocery store and the person went by her and said you should be ashamed of yourself…go look in the mirror. She gave some dumb reply…what am I gonna do fall apart in the can vegetable isle?
    Why yes she may fall apart after the mirror cracks and breaks.
    Trumps driver of 25yrs is suing trump for unpaid overtime. Oh just another person trump screwed and cheated.
    Journalist should be following trump like flies on chit for the next 10days as he flies off in the taxpayer jet, Airforce One committing crimes. He should be grounded, convicted, sentenced for treason and espionage. He cannot act as the usa president if he is not legally the usa president.


  2. I want to believe cohen but until trump is arrested and charged, removed from our buildings and sent to prison I do not trust the fixer. The slime bags that have represented the tRump cult have zero merit, credit or ethics. They are proven LIARS and cannot be trusted. They can redeem themselves by confession and aid Mr Mueller in the conviction and arrest of Donald John Trump for treason and espionage against America and Americans. There is NO compromise or excuse for TREASON.


  3. And the latest today, Flynn and his chithole kid have been hired by a lobbying firm. Flynn and his chithole kid are criminals and liars and should not be working in the same type of employment as before. And certainly not from prison. Mr Mueller? LOCK them up lock them up lock them up!!!! now.


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