Donald Lucifer Trump is Laughing at Evangelicals

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Before the 2016 campaign pundits and others questioned whether the thrice-married Donald Trump would earn the white evangelical vote.  Eight-in-ten self-identified white, born-again/evangelical Christians voted for Trump. Trump’s 65-percentage-point margin of victory among evangelical voters exceeded the victory margins of George W. Bush in 2004, John McCain in 2008 and Mitt Romney in 2012.

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It was astonishing then that evangelicals would support such an immoral, evil candidate.  Even before the election reporters warned that:

” A Christian who supports Trump either does not understand this person and his positions, or supports him in spite of Christian convictions.”

Ten specific reasons were pointed out in support of this conclusion.

1. He lacks compassion.

2. He appeals to fear and anger.


3. He is enamored with “greatness” and ego, but has no concern for “goodness” or service.

4. He lies — a lot.

5. He is hostile to women.

6. He speaks about his daughter in a disrespectful and sexualized way.

7. He does not attempt to love his enemies, but instead cultivates antagonism.

8. He does not model sacrifice or altruism.

9. He doesn’t seem to care about the poor.

10. His love of money is more apparent than his love of God or others.

Trump recruited the evangelical vote, no doubt laughing at them as he did so.  He said:

So let me say this right up front. A Trump administration, our Christian heritage will be cherished, protected, defended — like you’ve never seen before. Believe me.”

Why did so many evangelicals believe in Donald Trump? Because they privilege fear over hope, power over humility, and nostalgia over history.

Since the election, Trump has regularly proved himself to be Lucifer.  Having suggested that he is a God-fearing man, he enacted a zero-tolerance immigration plan that separated families at the border. He was given a “mulligan” (to use Family Research Council President Tony Perkins’ now famous phrase) for his alleged adulterous affair with adult film star Stormy Daniels. Trump again proved he was Lucifer when he equated white supremacists and their opponents in Charlottesville, Virginia last summer?

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It was hard to understand how evangelicals could support any candidate how attacked a disabled reporter with such memorable derision.

Once again, Trump has proved himself to be Lucifer.  His hateful rhetoric is only surprising because he is now President and thus his remarks carry the force and effect of a national policy.  The policy of the United States, as reported by our President, is to condemn a national hero, cancer-stricken U.S. Senator John McCain and former President George H.W. Bush, who recently lost his wife of 73 years.  At is recent rally in Montana Trump chided McCain for his vote against the president’s repeal-and-replace measure for Obamacare last year.  He also bashed a campaign slogan of Bush’s, a “thousand points of light,” which was a call for volunteerism and symbolized diversity around the country. The current commander-in-chief said he never understood the phrase.  “Thousand points of light,” Trump said. “What does that mean? I know one thing: Make America Great Again we understand. Putting America first we understand. Thousand points of light, I never quite got that one. What the hell is that? Has anyone ever figured that one out? It was put out by a Republican wasn’t it.”

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Even Ari Fleischer, who has often defended Trump from the media and other critics, said the comments of Trump regarding McCain and Bush were “rude.”

“This is so uncalled for. Going after a 94-year-old, former President’s promotion of volunteerism. I don’t mind potus being a fighter. I do mind him being rude,” Fleischer wrote.

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Make no mistake Trump is a bully and it doesn’t seem to matter whether the person who has become the target of his contempt is a Republican or Democrat, male or female, old or young.  He is a predator and seeks out the weak and vulnerable.  The prey must fight back!

5 thoughts on “Donald Lucifer Trump is Laughing at Evangelicals

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  1. Hi Malia –

    As I peruse the daily news you often come to mind. You, IM and Joe My God are my favorite bloggers. I know each of you do your best to counter the evil and destruction Trump and his followers are reveling in right now. Sometimes I wonder – were they always this sick or is this something that Trump unleashed in them? The hate had to have already been there.
    I never give up and I never lose faith that good things will win. Have to believe it. Things will change.
    Thank you for all you do.


    1. Pat,
      Sometimes it is hard to believe that anything will get better, but it surely won’t if we don’t do all we can. I hope everyone reading does one thing each day to pass on this message.


  2. Yes trump is evil satan. His DNA will clearly show it. And the other dirty devil is pootin since he arranged for America to be infected with Donald john trump satan…….both must be caged and an exorcism performed.


    1. The evidence is clear. The facts and truth are real. The only fake news is on fox. And rigging elections does not work out. It simple reality.


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