President Obama, the Uniter in Chief; President Trump,the Divider in Chief

Barak Obama became a household name with his memorable speech about the United States of America.

Four years later when he won the Presidency, he made a specific, direct effort to respect and validate those who didn’t cast their vote for him.  He acknowledged that he would serve all Americans, regardless of their political parties.

Contrast that leadership style to Donald Trump’s, who takes advantage of every opportunity to create hatred, discord, and distrust.  Trump’s recent Montana speech was an astonishing example of all that makes Trump the worst President in history.  In a single speech he indicated:

  1.  Hillary gets special treatment from the Justice Department.
  2. U.S. elections are rigged.
  3. North Korea has agreed to deneuclarize.
  4. Distrust all media except FOX.
  5. VladimirPutin is a “fine”person.
  6. Democrats are as bad as MS-13, one of the most dangerous and violent gangs in the world.
  7. Congresswoman Maxine Waters who happens to be Black has a really low IQ.
  8. Winning the Electoral College vote is by far harder than winning the popular vote.

Americans deserve better than Donald Trump. Even if you agree with his policies, surely every American deserves a leader who seeks to unify the country, rather than to foment bigotry, hatred and distrust!

One thought on “President Obama, the Uniter in Chief; President Trump,the Divider in Chief

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  1. All of this behavior apparently falls below what Melania perceives as actual bullying.

    All the ads on the new IM site are too much, its almost like Sarah’s clickbait took it over.


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