Donald Trump Regrets He Wasn’t Rick-Rolled by Michael Cohen

This is the famous Rick-rolled video:

Of course Cohen hasn’t sent it to Trump.  Rick Astley sang “Never goin to give you up”.  We know Trump wishes Cohen wouldn’t give him up!

Image result for funny attorney trump

Michael Cohen has dropped the reference “personal attorney to President Donald J. Trump” from his Twitter biography.

The phrase “Send in the clowns” comes to mind.  “Clowns” is used as a synonym for fools. It’s a song of regret, reflection and, even, anger. As I look back over the Trump election I am filled with regret, and anger as I reflect on the worst mistake made by American voters during my life.



One thought on “Donald Trump Regrets He Wasn’t Rick-Rolled by Michael Cohen

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  1. King Ass Clown aka dave dennison aka Cadet bone spur has big azz problems, and they aint gonna away. It seems mr dennison friend of pootin has trouble keeping his tiny fingers and tiny Johnson in his pants. Now the 1.6 million dollar abortion scandal is about to break and cadet bone spur will be flying off to submit to pootin his latest gig. The lousy lying actor and pathetic business ty coon is in big trouble with no way out. Even resignation will not save him from jail and stink. Yep the “barron” son the the devil according to DNA has his man boob in a ringer. The communist news channel reported that tRump is stumped.


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