Sarah Palin’s Name is Noticably Missing

In the final words of John McCain, we never hear the name “Sarah Palin.”  As he reflects upon the highlights of his life, there is no mention of  Palin’s name. He noticabley omits his greatest regret.

Meghan McCain recently accepted an award on his behalf.  John McCain may have been a hero, and he has been know for many remarkable things he did during his life, but his choice of Sarah Palin must be remembered as his greatest mistake.

6 thoughts on “Sarah Palin’s Name is Noticably Missing

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  1. He did fervently defend her by saying everyone else, Democrats and Republicans were allowed by the press to make mistakes and give less than perfect interviews including himself but she wasn’t. He said they felt like she should be perfect when she never once admitted to that standard.


    1. No one expected perfection, Alicia. We just wanted a vice president with two brain cells to rub together. One veteran political writer called her Charlie Gibson interview “the most pathetic piece of footage I’ve ever seen from anyone trying to attain higher office.”


  2. John McCain ruined his campaign by allowing sarah palin on the ballot. Clearly McCain was bamboozled by the same hackers that elected Donald droomp the nasty dirty Nazi communist liar. John was extorted, bribed or threatened by Russia and hacker working for his campaign.


    1. Maybe, maybe not. A whip smart, articulate and gracious, also black (GASP) man was taking the country by storm with the possibilities of what we could become as a nation. They needed something to combat it and, because Bill Kristol had a tingle up his leg, chose an unintelligent, clueless vamp to shake her wares What does Kristol say about her now? Check that out. She’s a nothing, and still pretending that she is.

      That McCain doesn’t mention her is no accident. He wants to go down as a war hero maverick. He was anything but, and she will be his legacy.


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