Grammy Palin’s Qualification for Congress: Flying Upside Down

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Before a crowd of only 200 people unemployed grammy Palin appeared in Missouori to endorse Tony Monetti for a spot as the Republican primary of the U.S. Senate race.  Monetti was emphasizing his military experience and role as an outsider in politics, since he has no other experience.

It’s not clear if the mere 200 people who showed up were Monetti supporters who would show up for any rally, or if 200 people showed up to see if grammy Palin had gained weight, had colored her hair,  if she would drag Trig along, if Track might show up in his fatigues, out of jail but still suffering from PTSD, if Todd would have new injuries, or if Bristol might perform an old dance.

For eight years Grammy Palin has been “wreacking havoc” on the Republican Party.   She seems to continue to do so.   It appears the Party is still paying the price for catapulting her into the national stage.  Monetti, a retired Air Force pilot from Warrensburg, is seeking the Republican nomination to run against incumbent U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill, a Missouri Democrat. He’ll face frontrunner state Attorney General Josh Hawley in the August primary.


Illustration by Matt Wuerker.

4 thoughts on “Grammy Palin’s Qualification for Congress: Flying Upside Down

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  1. Wow! the gop brightest star looks like a used dull bulb floating in the toxic swamp. Poor thang is fragile and weak appearing. What on earth happened to her? Did Mueller have a word with her about her fake fraud vp ballot rigging? or her involvement of the 2016 rigger crime? or maybe her involvement in the t baggin rigging in 2010? How about the rigged governor election that she did to Alaskans? So many crimes eats away the soul.


  2. Considering the outfits on the others in this picture – she looks appropriately dressed. She would go to a dog fight if it would get her any attention.


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