People Die; Trump Tweets Prayers; Reporter Couldn’t Give a F*ck!

Donald Trump promised during his campaign that, if he won, he would not tweet again! “Don’t worry, I’ll give it up after I’m president. We won’t tweet anymore…Not presidential,” he said.

Even Trump declared that it was “not presidential” to send out tweets.  Yet in 2017, Trump tweeted over 2563 times.

Ironically Trump has used tweets to attack the media.  His favorite phrase if to declare anything negative as “Fake News.”  Just one example was his tweet of July 24, 2017:

Is Fake News Washington Post being used as a lobbyist weapon against Congress to keep Politicians from looking into Amazon no-tax monopoly?

The truth is that Amazon paid $416 million in income taxes in 2016 and collects sales taxes in every state that has one. It is outrageous that our President can say anything he wants in a tweet, true or not.

Yesterday, five people were shot dead by a lone gunman.  The five were working at a Maryland newspaper, minding their own business.  The gunman opened fire with a shotgun.

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President Donald Trump, who has previously referred to the media as the “enemy of the people,” tweeted condolences Thursday afternoon to the victims and their families.

The White House press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, also tweeted in support of the journalists and their families, condemning the attack “on innocent journalists doing their job.”

Since when is it appropriate for the President of the United States to express condolences by a tweet?  Since when is it appropriate for the White House Press Secretary to dedicate no more than 30 seconds for five reporters viciously slaughtered at work by expressing condolences in a tweet?

One of the reporters from the Capital Gazette responded to Trump on CNN by saying: ‘Thanks for your prayers, but I couldn’t give a f— about them if there’s nothing else.’

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8 thoughts on “People Die; Trump Tweets Prayers; Reporter Couldn’t Give a F*ck!

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  1. Michael Moore says six of the last 7 elections were democratic wins, in terms of the popular vote, meaning that usa doesnt want republicans in office. Are those numbers true?


  2. Trump is the enemy humanity. The military should be removing him from the white house today and charging him with treason. They should be removing putin from Russia and bringing him to usa for prosecution. Kim un continues to be a threat. And the republican party must be held accountable for all of this mess. This corruption is outrageous and it must stop.


  3. Malia

    Tomorrow should be a great day for the demonstrations for the border crises. I just looked at a list of all cities so far who have plans. Are you going?
    The nearest one to me is Modesto and one of my granddaughters will be participating. Unfortunately, we are having a bit of a heat wave.
    My granddaughter graduated in December with her nursing degree and is soon to start on her masters. She is very stressed about what is happening with the children down there and would like to go down to help. With her new job I don’t know if she can pull that off.
    My daughter in Portland will be attending the one there.


  4. Ny times has an article about Donald trumps ancestry today. He is a german. his name is actually donald Droomp, his grandfather was a draft dodger, brothel owner for gold diggers, they dine on pig stomach and grape juice. And the german ancestors today are extremely embarrassed and ashamed of their connection to this dangerous Nazi communist criminal.
    Our Military and Law Enforcement must remove, charge, convict and sentence Donald droomp today with espionage and treason. He is a dangerous communist nazi criminal terrorizing our citizens and country. He is an enemy of America and must be removed from our society along with his associates and enablers.


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