In America Sophie Wouldn’t Have a Choice!

In the movie Sophie’s Choice, a mother is given the unimaginable demand that she make a choice which of her two children will stay with her, and which will be taken away.

For any parent, this is the worst possible circumstance.  It is a telling example of the horror of the holocaust.

As I watched the news last night, I learned that there are camps in America for thousands of children that have been taken from their parents.

I cried as I learned that there are babies and toddlers that are being detained, as a result of being taken from their mothers.  The facilities are secret, and the public is unable to view the prison.  The mothers of these infants didn’t even have a choice of which child they would keep.  All of their children were taken away.  America, and my home state of Texas, has become worse than Nazi Germany.  What can we do except cry?  Cry out loud for these children.  Wail for America that we have become worse than Nazi Germany.

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8 thoughts on “In America Sophie Wouldn’t Have a Choice!

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  1. I read about children being injected with drugs to help them cope and now lawsuits have been filed due to the adverse reactions from those injections of mind alternating drugs given to children? Oh my goodness is this a mess.


  2. Question? What happens to Americans that cross borders illegally into Mexico? Canada? Russia? Cuba? What do other countries do to Americans that cross borders illegally? We know what happens to tourist that steal propaganda while vacationing in North Korea. But what happens to Americans if they enter a country illegally?


  3. Malia – Based on Stephen Miller’s plan, POTUS decided it was a good idea to take the children from their parents at the border. The attorney general implemented it and the Homeland Security Secretary said they are within the law. Unfortunately, and the worst thing imaginable, some of the children will never be re-united with their parents or families. Why? Because the process started without properly training people and they lacked the tools to track, document, and cross-reference the children to the parents. It’s disorganized, chaotic mess run by incompetent people who do not care about the consequences. Some of the children were shipped to other states and some of them are now in a system that was designed and implemented to lose them. This is the most disgraceful thing happening in the world and all of America should be concerned and calling their representatives in Congress to take action!.

    OT – Melania Trump had to know, or at least her staff or handlers had to have known, the “I DON’T REALLY CARE DO U” jacket would spark outrage. But, she wore it anyway proving she is just as callus and out of touch with America as her husband! POTUS and FLOTUS can try to spin Melania’s jacket any way they want, but blaming it on FAKE NEWS is not the answer. Sorry, but Melania doesn’t get a pass on this one. She has no one to blame but herself for the bad publicity she gets for wearing the jacket. She knew better, and if she didn’t, then someone in the WH should be fired for not telling her it wasn’t appropriate to wear it! She has one of the most expensive wardrobes in the world and yet she chose to wear that jacket. Why? Is she really that stupid? When she came to the US did she really have an “Einstein” visa? Her actions, words, and behavior don’t seem to show she has anything higher than an 8th grade education!


  4. DNA will be the only way to match these kids with parents. And this should be done at border when processing. It has been said that some kids came with traffickers. This is one heck of a mess that trump created. He must be impeached now. America needs order.


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