Trump Salutes the North Korean General

Trump forgot to salute the American flag.

Trump forgot to salute members of the military.

Trump mocked this marine.

He doesn’t know the words to America the Beautiful.

But when Trump visited North Korea, he salutes them and can be see always smiling.  It is outrageous that the President of the United States would salute any member of the enemy military. North Korea remains one of the most repressive authoritarian states in the world, ruled for seven decades by the Kim family and the Worker’s Party of Korea. During his fifth year in power, Kim Jong-Un continued to generate fearful obedience by using public executions, arbitrary detention, and forced labor; tightening travel restrictions to prevent North Koreans from escaping and seeking refuge overseas; and systematically persecuting those with religious contacts inside and outside the country. It is unforgivable that Trump saluted this general.

The image of Kim Jon Un laughing is a clear indication that Trump was us

6 thoughts on “Trump Salutes the North Korean General

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  1. It is clear, confirmed and identified. The tRump cult and those that enabled and aided the harm to America are exposed. We the people know who they are. We know what they did and why. Justice will be served.


  2. He did all that – the entire trip itself – for a Nobel nomination, and nothing else. It was all – and only – staged for himself.

    His base is not reasonable, and is incurious, having full faith of power cinsolidated in, and only in:
    1.)Salvation after death (this is called Artificialism, and is Ignorant), and
    2.)Guns while alive before that death (this is Ignorant).
    Both 1 and 2: give human power away to things outside of the human, separate the human from his own power, fail to recognize the existence of the power of the human, untether and shortcircuit the human from any realization or correct understanding of the self, and demand the human turn over their power to something outside of the human which the human is, and only be, separate from.

    This soil of “Creation of the Defenseless Human” (CULT) produces crops of False Nationalists chanting “Jesus has got it, and until then, guns have got it.”

    The base is kept away from the light – as was Dracula – who provide the wave trump rode all the way to Singapore, under the pretext of nuclear weapons, when it was all about midterm votes, a Nobel, and a talking point for his reelection campaign.

    (And, it doesn’t change his losing the popular vote by a massive landslide.)


  3. The picture of them trying to figure out how to greet each other was kind of funny.
    Well – somehow we made it through another week. So much insanity going on it is hard ti pick which one is worse. I long for the day when Trump is history. He does irreparable damage each and every single day.
    I am particularly sad about what he is doing concerning the migrant children. He is doing this to try to force the dems to go along with building his ego wall. Such a disgusting person. He does not care what is happening to those families. Those children will suffer trauma forever over this.


  4. It is not only immigrants being divided, it is American families as well. This evil lurking in our country today is very sick. It must end. We now know why and how sarah palin was selected to be on the McCain ballot, Manafort’s firm worked for McCain. Did McCain know this or was he used and bamboozled? The stench of evil began then.


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