Seth Meyers Interviews Jake Tapper Re Trump’s North Korea Visit

4 thoughts on “Seth Meyers Interviews Jake Tapper Re Trump’s North Korea Visit

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  1. There are many chapters regarding fighting the “devil” “satan” and the beast. If you are religious and study the bible you know the chapters. James 4:7, Ephesians 6:11 and more. There are only a few so called religions that recommend separation of family. Scientology and Calvary and a couple others. Non conforming are shunned. Clearly America is fighting evil. Donald John Trump is clearly working for the devil.


  2. I’m a bleeding heart, and often find myself showing excess emotion so I’ve often sided with liberals on numerous topics.

    However, it boggles the mind how strangely jealous some liberals are, over what a great mom Sarah Palin is. FACT: none of her kids are addicts or have overindulged in drugs. None are lazy. ALL have had jobs and none live off parental $$ aside from the 5th born. FOUR have zero issues and 2 have been called “amazing parents.” Literally, the one who developed a problem recently is FAMOUSLY private and suffers from attention. So it BOGGLES THE MIND why the fuck sociopaths would continue to stalk and harass him. It hurts my heart that liberals are THAT nasty and fucked up.

    I don’t see people stalked Hunter Biden or writing incessantly about his dishonorable discharge (Sarah’s son selflessly with his friend enlisted and is a legit patriot) or drug problems. (Which should not be judged as people are human).

    Liberals disgust me.

    Sarah is LITERALLY the only politico who admits to fault and doesn’t hide her imperfections. FACT. She is humble. FACT. Her dad brags about her the way any parent would.

    OY. I might just give up the D party soon. We deserve better than democrats.


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