Trump Laughs About the Appearance and Weight of the Supreme Leader!

When Kim Jong Il died of a heart attack on December 17, 2011, the young Kim Jong Un inherited the world’s fourth-largest military, a nuclear arsenal, and absolute control over North Korea.  But at the end of December 2013, Kim Jong Un had his uncle and his uncle’s family executed, apparently in a bid to stop a coup against his rule. 

On February 13 2017, Kim’s half-brother Kim Jong Nam was fatally poisoned in a Kuala Lumpur airport.

Amid worldwide suspicion of North Korean involvement, Malaysian police conducted an autopsy against the wishes of the Kim’s government and named a North Korean official and several other nationals as suspects alongside two foreign women believed to be working as hired assassins.

Everyone is aware of North Korean savage atrocities against its own people.  However they are equally committed to teaching their people about the evil of America.  The Sinchon Museum of American War Atrocities is just one example.

North Koreans are required to visit the museum.  They are treated to sights of  two elevated mounds in the dirt.  Visitor’s are told they are the tombs of one hundred women who died in the slaughter that took place in America by the American government.  The second mound are reported to be the remains of one hundred children. To the left of the museum building stand two warehouses.  These are described as the the buildings in which the victims were murdered by the American capitalists.

Inspite of the nuclear threats and basic defiance of basic human rights, Trump was quite funny ,he thought, making jokes about the appearance of himself and the Supreme Leader.The reaction of Kim reveals that joking about his weight or appearance is the last thing he would tolerate.  The fact that Trump made these remarks illustrates how offensive his behavior is, and how clueless he is in foreign diplomacy.


3 thoughts on “Trump Laughs About the Appearance and Weight of the Supreme Leader!

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  1. How creepy was that? Trump cannot let a second go by without 1) trolling the press and 2) insulting the people he is with.


  2. The Justice Dept must summons the woman interpretor in the room with both DICK taters. trump and kim. Ottos family should file suit against trump. He is a security threat and disgrace.

    There is a real wall being built in Norway to keep Russians OUT. They also want more USA troops there.


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