NO Big Macs in North Korea! Trump Comes Home Early, Desperate for Fries and a Shake

Imagine Donald Trump trying to pretend to eat the food in North or South Korea.

Image result for funny trump eating south korea

It’s fodder for a late night comedian’s entire show. Imagine Trump trying to eat these South Korean favorites:

Kimchi (fermented vegetables)

Seolleongtang (ox bone soup)

Sundubu-jjigae (soft tofu stew)


Haemul Pajeon (seafood vegetable pancake)

Haemul Pajeon

Trump has announced that he is leaving the historic summit with Kim Jong-un 15 hours earlier than expected, flying back to Washington on Tuesday night instead of Wednesday morning. The White House says that this change of plans is a product of talks moving more quickly than expected. But there’s reason to suspect that it is because they are barely moving at all.

It seems the “best deal maker” is really a horrible deal maker.

The real reason Trump seems to be in North Korea is for the publicity, not to make a deal.

The summit will open at 9 a.m. Tuesday in Singapore (which is 9 p.m. tonight in Washington) with Kim and Trump shaking hands and taking a walk in the view of the media, according to an official who spoke with Bloomberg News. The two leaders will then meet one on one (with only translators listening in), before being joined by their top aides. Among those flanking Trump will be Pompeo and national security adviser John Bolton, whose belligerent rhetoric toward North Korea briefly derailed the summit last month.

For the moment, it is difficult to see how the American and North Korean positions can be reconciled. For Pyongyang, the summit is itself an affirmation of its nuclear program immense value. It is inconceivable that the world’s leading superpower would make time for an isolated, impoverished Chinese client state if said state did not have weapons of mass destruction. In leveraging the threat of its nuclear program, by contrast, Kim’s regime has secured Washington’s ostensible endorsement of its right to violate human rights in perpetuity.

Given the tangible benefits of retaining its nuclear weapons; the dearth of reasons to trust America’s promises; the high likelihood that Washington isn’t actually willing to risk a mass-casualty war to force denuclearization; and the fact that one of North Korea’s chief security demands — the withdrawal of American troops from the region — is something that Trump has suggested that he wants to do regardless,for “America first” reasons, it is hard to understand why Pyongyang would ever commit to total denuclearization.

 Thousands of journalists from around the world congregated in Singapore,  to capture images of Mr. Kim and Trump.

The meeting holds the risk of exposing unbridgeable gaps, leaving both sides fuming, with little to show for all the fanfare.

The Summit has been described as the ” Biggest Reality Show on the Planet.”

Journalists outside the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Singapore on Monday. About 2,500 journalists from around the world have registered to cover the event. 

All three of the major American cable news networks are anchoring their nightly news programs from Singapore. North Korean experts are in high demand, with many of them signing contracts to appear as exclusive commentators on the talks.

Camera crews have staked out the St. Regis Hotel, where Mr. Kim is staying, although he eluded the media for most of Monday. In the evening, his entourage left the hotel and the news media frantically tried to figure out where he was going, before catching up to him at another hotel.

The White House press corps — more than 350 reporters — filed dispatches from two floors of a glitzy ballroom at the Marriott Singapore South Beach, with hundreds of curved metal cylinders hanging from the ceiling. “This is the most dramatic WH press file I’ve been in,” David Nakamura, a reporter for The Washington Post, wrote on Twitter.

Reporters chased anyone they hoped could give them a shred of information. At one point on Sunday, journalists even swarmed one of their own, albeit a reporter from North Korea, who fled to his hotel.

8 thoughts on “NO Big Macs in North Korea! Trump Comes Home Early, Desperate for Fries and a Shake

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  1. Trump announced that he would also leave on Tuesday as soon as he and his entourage learned that Kim was leaving on Tuesday. Wow. What a short meeting but long enough for both of them to declare total victory. I read this morning that the US will no longer do military exercises with South Korea. That should make our allies in the Pacific feel really good, shouldn’t it? I haven’t read what North Korea is giving up yet. But, whether or not North Korea announces a concession, both will declare total victory because it has to end that way for both of them politically. They both go home to great celebrations that will be, in the end, meaningless. Once North Korea patches of its nuclear testing disaster, they’ll be back at it.

    It took many, many months of intensive, multi-national negotiations by trained and careful diplomats to get the Iran agreement signed. But, Trump, the greatest (in his mind) deal maker ever to have lived will have accomplished much more in less than one day – at least in his mind. And the media. . . . Well, the media will soak it up and keep showing the handshake and the smiles despite the fact that there is absolutely no substance. Remember “peace in our time” in 1938?


    1. Beaglemom,
      As we watch the circus at home, I try to remember that Trump will be out of office in two years. North Korea will still be there killing people and committing unspeakable atrocities in violation of basic human rights. I’m not sure we willever recover from the global disaster of Donald Trump.


  2. Meanwhile Mr. Mueller has made progress and no matter what tRump the lousy actor says or does he will be charged with treason and more. He has put our country in harms way and embarrassed us. He must be removed immediately. Republicans are finished.


      1. Malia I think there will always be a dangerous part of society. But in this lastest election it was clearly rigged and tampered with by Russia and others. The election was hacked. Social media hacked and swayed the vote. This was not a legit election and trump is a fraud and illegitimate, He is con man and traitor. Sadly it was not exposed prior to the election. The FEC should have stopped the election and fixed it.


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