Trump Bans Black Champion Athletes from the White House

Golden State Warriors won the NBA championship on Friday night.  Certainly there was no guarantee that Golden State would win the series.  However on Friday it seemed likely they would win the series as it wasa 3-0 going into the final game.  Donald Trump couldn’t wait for the final outcome to announce that whoever won, they would not be invited to the White House.    LeBron James explained his feelings about  “that guy.”

Instead of trying to reach out to heal the wounds of the racial divide in this country, Trump has made matters worse.  No player in the NBA has taken a knee during the anthem, so Trump can’t even pretend that he has done this as a matter of patriotism.  There are more Black Americans in the NBA than in the NFL.  “All signs point to the NBA replacing the NFL as the league of America’s future.    Perhaps even more importantly, the NBA is becoming the league of professional athletes from all over the world.  This past season the NBA featured 108 international players from 42 different countries.

America has been a global leader in many ways, from economics to civil rights.  Yet, we seem to have a President that is increasingly myopic.  It is especially difficult to understand given his penchant for foreign born wives and business partners from Russia.  If America is to maintain its position as a world leader we must demand that our President represents our values.

2 thoughts on “Trump Bans Black Champion Athletes from the White House

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  1. According to NK they have studied trump and americans extensively. They know trump is a hump back weak “dotard” with false teeth, fake hair, fake orange tan and Americans are just a bunch of “poor people”. bamboozled by the international republican communist party for putin.


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