Essential Consultants was a Slush Fund, and It STINKS!

“Essential Consultants” first came to our attention as the vehicle used by Michael Cohen to funnel money to the porn star, Stormy Daniels.  Essential Consultants was a limited liability company created by Michael Cohen, that appears to be nothing more than a slush fund.

The payment to Stormy Daniels of $130,000 was made from that fund.  It was also the recipient of four million dollars, money paid by companies which sought access to the President.  Companies such as A.T. & T., Novartis, Korea Aerospace Industries, and Columbus Nova—whose largest client is a company controlled by the Russian oligarch Viktor Vekselberg, who is under U.S. sanctions— made payments to Essential Consultants adding up to more than four million dollars. There does not appear to be any legitimate business rationale for these payments (the emphasis there being on the word “legitimate”). In short, the account that was depleted to pay for Clifford’s silence was filled up again to pay—whom?

Michael Cohen should not be selling access to the President of the United States,” attorney Michael Avenatti said on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360.”

The Treasury Department is now refusing to turn over documents and information to Congress related to Michael Cohen and his consulting firm’s relationship with Swiss drug company Novartis and other possible clients.

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Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., the Ranking Member of the Senate Finance Committee investigating Cohen’s relationship with Novartis, said that Treasury is not cooperating with a request for information about Cohen and Novartis.  It appears that the Treasury Financial Crimes Enforcement Network has confirmed that there were suspicious transactions as a result of a “Suspicious Activity Report” that was file related to payments from Novartis to Essential Consultants.

“Treasury refuses to respond to our request, let alone provide key financial documents related to Cohen and Cohen’s business dealings with Novartis. There is no excuse for this kind of stonewalling,” Wyden’s spokesperson explained.

It appears Novartis received a $1.2 million contract with the president’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen in February 2017, after being connected by a third party.  The agreement came at a crucial time for Novartis.  It was lobbying the government on several fronts, and was months away from the successful approval of a breakthrough cancer drug, Kymriah.

Novartis spent nearly $9 million lobbying the government in 2017 on a range of issues including taxes, Medicare reimbursements and intellectual property matters, according to lobbying records collected by the Center for Responsive Politics.

Novartis officials met with Cohen and determined he wouldn’t be able to help them in Washington, but decided against asking for their money back.  

It is that decision, not to ask for their money back, that is the most offensive and obvious inappropriate use of Cohen’s relationship to the President.  Companies like Novartis don’t spend over a million dollars for nothing!  The payments constitutes a bribe.  It isn’t clear is the money had the intended effect.  However it is clear that the payment was made.

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The wrong doing by Novartis would be predictable, in light of allegations of bribery and illegal payoffs involving people in Greece, South Korea, China and Japan.

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6 thoughts on “Essential Consultants was a Slush Fund, and It STINKS!

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  1. Oh this swamp stinks alright. And the ring leader, don john rump is the giant pile of dung in the center. So much more coming out. Mr. Mueller flushing these turds out cannot happen soon enough. As we slept for years this bunch of crooks plotted and planned to harm America.


  2. essential consultant is not being treated fairly. Just because it was founded in Russia and banks in the bahamas does not make it the devil.

    Also what is wrong with a laundry business? Who does not want clean things. Even Sarah takes a shower every few weeks. If she had a laundry service we would not have to replace her cloths at the good will store every month.

    Just because someone donated a few million to meet people does not make it bad. If thats bad then it should be illegal to bribe a politician. It may sound crazy but it could happen.


    1. painchipeater,
      If it weren’t necessary it wouldn’t have the name “essential”!!!!! It must be “essential” to Michael Cohen and his family! Who am I to question what they need?


  3. We have President Trump, yet lowlifes enjoy disparaging Bristol, who turned down being on the Bachelorette 4 times because she’s not a promiscuous party girl..

    The world is doomed.


    1. Bristol should have gone on the Bachelorette being the party gal, dancer and outgoing “smart” person that she is instead of a roll in the hay in las vegas or romp in the tent show.


  4. Ummm, “we deserve better”. Trig, Tripp, Dancing with the Stars baby, Haiti baby, first girl, second girl–maybe two (probably one) with the same father, and you say “she’s not a promiscuous party girl.” “We deserve” is delusional


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