Unlike Trump, Black Americans Know the Words to God Bless America

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During the campaign, Donald Trump attacked the NFL players who were trying to bring attention to the plight of young black males who were being murdered by police officers.  Instead of acknowledging the problem, Donald Trump went on the offensive.  Instead of acknowledging the problem, he attacked the players suggesting that taking a knee was somehow disrespectful to the country.  As of December of 2017, it was reported that in 15 high profile cases of young black men being murdered by police officers, only one officer had served ANY time in jail.

Yet, Trump described this tragedy and NFL players trying to bring attention to it, as a “total disrespect” by the NFL players.  He went so far as to bully the players, calling them “son of a bitch.”

Suggesting that these players are not patriotic is an outrage.  Trump should never be allowed to call himself patriotic.  He is an embarassment to all that is honorable about America.  He has disrespected and violated the US Constitution, at least 9 separate times. He has criticized war heroes while finding ways to defer military service on at least 5 separate occasions.

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Trump suggests that patriotism means support of him personally.  Trump pardoned  I. Lewis Libby Jr., who served as chief of staff to Vice President Dick Cheney.  Libby, known as “Scooter,” was convicted of perjury and obstruction of justice in 2007 in connection with the leak of a CIA officer’s identity. Thus Trump has pardoned criminals convicted of crimes against our democracy.  When presented with evidence of brutality by foreign dictators — at least ones he hasn’t found some momentary self-interest in confronting — Trump either praises their toughness or turns the question around on America. Isn’t Vladimir Putin a killer?, he was asked last year. “There are a lot of killers,” he replied. “You think our country’s so innocent?” Queried about a crackdown by Turkish strongman Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Trump said, “When the world looks at how bad the United States is, and then we go and talk about civil liberties, I don’t think we’re a very good messenger.” No American president has openly spat on his country’s ideals in the way Trump does so casually.

During the campaign, Trump publicly encouraged and exploited the criminal Russian theft of his opponent’s communications.

Trump invited Russians to the White House but only allowed Russian press to cover the event.

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It was clear in January of this year that Trump didn’t know the words to the National Anthem.

This is a video of Trump trying unsuccessfully to sing Irving Berlin’s God Bless America during his ‘celebration of America’ at the White House. This was the Presidents event that was created as a replacement to the event planned after Trump disinvited Super Bowl winners, the Philadelphia Eagles, to the White House.  Trump declared that his reason for the withdrawl of the invitation was the fact that players kneeled during the playing of the national anthem.   However the truth is quite the opposite.  The reality is that fewer than 10 members of the team were planning to attend the celebration on Tuesday afternoon on the South Lawn despite weeks of planning for the event. Torrey Smith, a former wide receiver for the Eagles, lashed out at Mr. Trump in a tweet shortly after the statement was released.  He called Trump out for his lies and misrepresenting the reason for the disinvite.

So many lies,” Mr. Smith wrote. “Here are some facts 1. Not many people were going to go 2. No one refused to go simply because Trump ‘insists’ folks stand for the anthem 3. The President continues to spread the false narrative that players are anti military.

 In fact none of the Eagles took a knee during the anthem in 2017. Cornerback Ron Brooks did take a knee in a preseason game, but he was cut by the team, so he never played a regular season game.

Perhaps the most obvioius truth is that since Trump invited the Eagles to the White House no game has been played where players took a knee.  The Eagles won the Super Bowl in Feb.of this year.  That was the END of the season.  Not one football game has been played since the invitation went out, so the only thing that has changed is that Trump was going to be embarassed that not many players were going to show up.  Perhaps that would have been less embarrassing to Trump than pretending to know the words to God Bless America.

Even kids like Taylor Longbrake,

and Katie Lalor know the words.

Even African-Americans like Whitney Houston know the words.

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  1. Most Americans know the words in the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Sadly the tRump Republican Congress do not. The national Media must explain the reason to kneel today. People are kneeling because of excessive force, police brutality towards people that jay walk, look different, commit a minor crime or even major crime. Police do not get to punch, kick, slap or beat a person. They get to ask questions, arrest, handcuff, and detain if it is a legit illegal cause for arrest.
    There is something wrong today and it is explained in the book “Police State” by Gerry Spence, a brilliant lawyer.
    There is much spin by tRump over kneeling.
    Everyday we see police brutality on evening news across the country. Police losing patients and violently attacking. Many have a history of such behavior.
    There are very good honest ethical law enforcement also but it is the few that are causing this dishonor to the law enforcement community.
    So Americans drop to their knees and hope for relief from this unanswered call to stop these individuals within police departments from excessive force and rebuild the trust and honor of police.
    trump and his certain so called “constitutional” sheriffs such as joe arpario and others claiming to be “constitutional” ignore the words in the constitution and bill of rights and their oath of office and the people they serve.


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