Rudi Giuliani Claims Trump Could Shoot James Comey

Giuliani also raised eyebrows when he told HuffPost that he believed the President could not be indicted while in office.  He went so far as to say that Trump could shoot James Comey and not face charges .
The statement, given to The New York Times last summer, said the meeting was primarily about adoption policies, and spokespersons for the President repeatedly denied that Trump was involved in crafting it. But it was revealed over the weekend in a letter from the President’s attorneys to Mueller that Trump did in fact “dictate” the statement — raising the question of why Trump tried to hide the true premise of the meeting.
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9 thoughts on “Rudi Giuliani Claims Trump Could Shoot James Comey

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  1. Dear Melania,

    That is bullying.

    If you remain silent on this one, forever hold your peace and have a nice life. And also what exactly does bullying mean to you then, Melania????????


  2. Don has so much time to tweet, shouldn’t he be prepping for his Grand Jury Mueller Interview under oath with rudy and chris christy? It will be scheduled the moment he gets back from his fake meeting with North Korea. His birthday is june 14 maybe it will be on that day.


  3. Since Trump invaded our lives I have used the phrase, “good grief: too often. Sometimes I do not even know what else to say,
    The two pictures of Melania and Trump with guns are so gut churning savage – it just jolts me. They are both disgusting.
    I recall so well Trump’s comment about shooting someone on Fifth Avenue. It was shocking at the time and now we have his lapdog parroting the same statement except more directly. Insane times.


  4. Clearly trump and his failing criminal mob and attempt take over is prepping our civilization for ABSOLUTE mental numbness to his criminal behavior and crimes. He is using putins KGB technics in breaking down a democracy society to a communist brainwashed society of accepting the unthinkable.


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