I Found Waldo; Where’s Melania?

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Hands up if you can find Wally: The Street Performance World Championships managed has organised similar events and last year broke the world record for the most people on space hoppers

A week ago I posted this article suggesting Melania was either sick,…or sick of Donald.  The combination of the medical procedure, the extended stay in the hospital, her failure to appear in public, and her recent return to New York gave rise to much speculation.

For the first time in over three weeks Melania has attended a White House event.  It was a  private East Room reception for more than 40 Gold Star military families..

A person inside the room reported that the Donald made wildly inappropriate jokes about Melanis’s absence. Trump siad “Where’s Melania?”
He went on for a minute or so, saying the media was speculating where she has been.
“Did she leave him?” the President asked at one point, before pointing out that Melania Trump was, in fact, sitting in the front row. The riff was playful, but completely embarrassing for Melania and disrespectful to the families attending who wondered where their loved ones were who died serving our country.
Perhaps the better question is where’s Trump’s sense of decency?  Where’s his humanity?  Where’s his humility?  If he ever had those traits, they are clearly gone.

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  1. There she is at the emergency response meeting with her beloved husband, tRump. She barely speaks or understands English, but she is there sitting next to the biggest liar and con artist alive. Does she know that Donald is such a nasty person? Is she aware of the damage he causes to children? The emergency is American’s cannot wait another day for that pos to be arrested and charged with treason and many other dangerous crimes. He is a criminal and he was a criminal when the FEC allowed him on the ballot. His little friend worked at the FEC at the time. Where is the background check for tRump? How can he received security Clarence ? He is a crook and liar. And now his wife will be considered accessory to the crimes along with his kids.


  2. Did you notice that Trump quietly put his bottle of water under the table, apparently not wanting to discuss water and Puerto Rico. And then pharisee Pence does exactly the same.


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