Sarah Palin Publicizes Pictures of Todd While Track Pleads for Privacy

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Remember when Sarah Palin posted this picture on Instagram.  It was a close up of Todd, two weeks post beating by Track.  The picture was described as revealing cuts and bruises that still existed two weeks after Track broke into the house and put his father on the floor.

Sarah Palin appointed judge, David Wallace, has approved Track Palin’s request to formally transfer his case to Veterans Court.  In Veterans Court Track has the option of enrolling in mental health treatment programs instead of a traditional sentence.  The judge also barred the media from using cameras or other recording devices during that proceeding.

Track Palin was arrested last December when Sarah called upon the police to come to the rescue of Todd and Sarah.  She said Track “was on some kind of medication” and “freaking out.” When the police arrived Todd Palin was bleeding from head cuts. .

That was the second time Track was arrested for domestic violence.  Remember when he hit and kicked the mother of his second child and Sarah blamed it on PTSD?  Remember when veterans came forward and declared that Sarah was wrong?  It wasn’t PTSD!


In the era of “fake news” it seems the Alaska Court has partnered with Sarah  Palin to promote a false narrative.  Preventing the media from covering the story is preventing the media from gaining access to the truth.  The fact that Sarah posts pictures of her family following the assault that is supposedly a “private matter” illustrates the extreme absurdity of the claim.  Clearly the message is that publicity is afforded the Palin family when it suits their agenda, and when they can make money off the media attention.

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15 thoughts on “Sarah Palin Publicizes Pictures of Todd While Track Pleads for Privacy

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  1. Old salty sara is really pushing Nicole Wallace and steve Schmidt to come forward and tell all. Sara rigged her election as mayor, governor and vp scam crime on Mr. McCain’s ballot along with the various crimes committed up to that fateful event. Her AIP membership and collusion against America via tea baggin pos liar tour is more then apparent today. When will the Court hand her a summons to appear and answer the charges?


  2. Surprised? Remember this is the “I can do anything until the courts say I can’t” Queen Heifer. Even better that they’re in her pocket. Some x-tian, eh?

    I love when the troll gets on here spewing the BS. I hope you belly laugh as much as I do! Some people are in such desperate need of attention.


      1. More than likely it is sara herself or a troll buddy of hers defending. Like trump she has many names and games.


  3. Her actions keep showing no common sense. This reminds me of regular postings on Daily Mail from the bewildering daughter in Austin. Always happy, happy pictures of her lovely family. What is so obvious is how they are soon removed as no one is interested. Their time is up – and I mean the whole family.


  4. Seriously sick of this shit Malia. Stop bullying or stop pretending to be better than strangers you constantly attack.


  5. Insiders at AARP are allegedly considering renaming themselves to American Association of Rotten Palins, in honor of Sarah becoming a member in 8 months at 55yrs old, if the diet pills and oxy don’t beat her to the finish line.


  6. Oh “we do deserve better” than a washed up screeching liar and her lousy family continuing to scam America. Being a trump swamp turd is not trendy today. Idolizing Ivana and now Ifunka aint pretty at all. Poor women have been raped by the don and cons in boys will be boys. Yep, there is… A simple solution to your problem.


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