Trey Gowdy Refutes Trump’s Claims of Spygate

4 thoughts on “Trey Gowdy Refutes Trump’s Claims of Spygate

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  1. The FCC must intervene and issue warnings over the Emergency Broadcast system to warn “faux no news” viewers of the attacks by Russians on our infrastructure. The country is so divided that we cannot even speak to people about it because they are so brainwashed. Time is up. All social media corps. All internet corps. All satellite and cable. All phone service must be secured. The FCC must remove the fake media channels and charge the owners with treason. There is no excuse for this nonsense at all. #Impeach Trump now.


    1. USA,
      It ishard to understand how so many Americans believe that there is “Fake News.” I know that if my mother hears something on Fox News she believes it! Just amazing!


      1. Malia, It is criminally awful what has happened to our relationships due to Russian kgb tactics. And it is totally disturbing how fox viewers do not even question it. The “fake” news is on fox no news channel with the hired liars promoting it. The viewers refuse to turn the channel and listen to all the world news channels reporting on the facts and truth of the Russian communist tactics against America and their hired control ASSet “trump”.. I don’t get it? They are clearly weak minded and brainwashed. I know of several.


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